January, 2014

Environmentalists In Conservation Of Nature & Economic Development

Environmentalists In Conservation Of Nature & Economic Development

Environmentalists around the world have recognized the importance of conservation of nature. There is a deep co-relation between environment and economy and the environmentalist around the world play an important role in both, conservation of nature and boosting the economy of the nation.

The dependence of human society on the nature cannot be denied. Environmentalists and environmental professionals work towards sustainability through conservation of nature as well as through minimizing the negative impacts on environment. The two philosophies go hand in hand to better endure the current global issues.

What is conservationism?

environmentalist and economyThe conservation of the nature is a relatively recent issue today, which stared in the early 20th century in response to the global degradation of environment. The issues associated with rapid industrialization and deforestation, led to the idea that in order to sustain economic benefits, the negative impacts on environment must be minimized and the nature has to be restored. The term ‘’conservation of nature” is actually defined as optimal and wise use of the nature and resources from the nature without harming or negatively impacting the nature.

The conservationist will use all the resources of the nature but also put maximum effort to restore the nature as well. For example, if a farmer cut down trees, he also needs to plant more trees to maintain a balance in the nature. This goes with everything. For example if you go hunting or fishing,  you will need to make sure that the nature is not disturbed, or more fish or animals are grown, and therefore, the wildlife is restored as we consume the resources.

What is environmentalism?

economy and environmentThe movement of the environmentalists began in the early 1960s and 1970s in response to the growing pollution, industrialization, deforestation and massive degradation of the environment around the world.  The rapid urbanization was partly responsible for the increasing city based population around the world, increasing dependency on machinery and increasing the carbon emission in air which lead to several environmental troubles around the world, such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, ice cap melting, acid rain, sea level rise, and so on.

Environmentalists VS conservationists

The conservationists will try to protect the nature for the benefits of human beings, and therefore, the basically a conservationist is mostly human centric. This is the basic difference between an environmentalist and a conservationist. A conservationist would plant trees and allow logging of trees, but an environmentalist would protest against deforestation and logging of trees. They would support wildlife and most certainly would not go fishing or hunting in the nature.

The philosophies of environmentalists are largely based on the nature, and not humans. They are also based on certain rules and regulations to preserve the nature because the philosophies of the environmentalists are nature centric, unlike the conservationists who are human, centric in their approach of protecting the nature.

To clarify these philosophies of the environmentalists and conservationists, the environmental professionals network can educate and train anyone wishing to become an environmental professional to address today’s environmental issues and the demands for professionals in this industry.

ecology and economy

Ecology and economy

It is widely accepted today that ecology and economy are closely related topics, and one cannot develop the economy without a sustainable ecology. People around the world are increasingly aware of the myriads of problems that the earth is facing today, including the climatic changes, extinction of species and so on. On top of that, we are also facing the peak oil situation, where the maximum amount of oil will be drawn from the mines, and no more fossils will be available to fuel our machines or homes. Many environmentalists are already emphasizing on alternate source of energy. A cleaner and reusable source of energy would address both the sustainability and conservation of energy issues.

Nature & Economic Development

The effect of environment on economic development is very easy to understand. Just think about the medical expenses of a country trying to treat the illnesses related to pollution and other harmful effects of the environment. One way the government could cope with the healthcare costs is to levy taxes on industries that negatively impact the environment, such as factories with high carbon and other harmful gas emission to make up for the loss of fresh air that a country faces, and reducing taxes on eco friendly industries. China can be a great example for such economic growth. On an average, the pollution in china is costing the average people a life expectancy of 5.5 years, which take percentages right off the top of their GDP.

There is a direct co-relation between healthier nature and economic growth, and we can benefit from a cleaner environment if we concentrate our resources and capital into enhancing the benefits of economy through nature. Having a job is important but having a clearer sky is even more important, and therefore, the use of cleaner source of energy is now more relevant than ever.

Ecologists and advanced economic thinking

Ecologists are greatly influencing the common people to reconnect with nature to address current ecological problems. Nature not only heals our minds and bodies, but it also allows us to grow economically. The nature has abundant resources that if we use wisely, can serve us throughout our lives. It is important that no matter what we do, whether we work indoors or outdoors, we are part of the big ecological system that exists in the nature, and our sustainability depends on the sustainability of nature.

Ecology deals with the co-relation and interaction between all the elements of the eco system and it should not be confused with environmentalism. The growing gap between human beings and the nature is often seen as a threat to our very existence by many ecologist and also economists. The current trend of many of the business today is towards conservation of nature and they have recognized the need for using eco-friendly methods of business operations as well as products for sustainability. Now we have a choice. We may choose to use products and services that help to minimize the negative impact on the globe, and work towards sustainability. Consumes around the world is also aware of the benefits of eco-friendly goods and services and sustainable methods of businesses. The new generation of environmentalists is already working towards economic growth, which is not possible without ecological balance and sustainability.

environment and economy

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Occupational Safety Health Management & Environmental Industry

Occupational Safety Health Management & Environmental Industry

When it comes to safety and health, many companies put environmental issues at top priority today, especially companies related to oil, gas or any other job dealing with hazardous materials. It is important to become literate about Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues and standards of such industries which are inherently hazardous.


Workplace health and safety concerns

workplace safety managementIt is extremely important to have a safe and healthy workplace environment, and therefore experts in this area are often sought by companies. It is not only government regulation but also a major concern for most companies for welfare of the workers to ensure that proper safety and health procedures are being followed. This is where a health and safety engineer plays a major role. A safety engineer must have vast knowledge about health and safety issues, and must know about potential risks associated with the industry, including occupational psychology and risk management.

Specializing in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management

Many companies today think about workplace safety and health of the employees equally important as providing quality goods and services to the consumers, and so, they usually have occupational health and safety managers or consultants working for the company. The EHS, SHE, or HSE departments are responsible for environmental health and safety. They are both responsible for keeping the workplace safe for the employees during the normal operation and reducing incidence or accidents due to abnormal operating conditions.

occupational safety professionalsSafety health and environmental managers are specialized personnel who must prevent potential hazards such as fire explosions and release of hazardous substances into the work area or environment. The job of environmental managers is also to reduce negative impact and carbon footprint of the company on the environment. They must also prevent development of workplace related illnesses among workers. There are certain regulatory requirements from the safety and health departments and agencies, as well as health and environmental safety managers.

Specializing in occupational safety, health and environmental management will put you in the market for several industries that require a workplace safety, health and environmental manager. It has become necessary for many companies to comply with the ISO standards for occupational health and safety, and so, the need for occupational safety and health managers is also high.

Jobs for Safety, Health and Environmental specialists

occupational safety professionalsMany companies seek Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Officers to be a part of their team to develop, co-ordinate and monitor all safety, environmental and health policies, activities and procedures so as to ensure conformity with all relevant government agency requirement, legal aspects and requirements of the company. It is the job of the environmental specialists in a company to continuously develop new ideas to better protect the safety and health of the employees, as well as review and implement better health and safety standards within the company. They must also identify, prevent and eliminate procedures related to health and safety hazards, take preventive and corrective measures, and report them to the higher management.

How to become an environmental and safety manager

To become an environmental and safety manager, you must first acquire the skills and training needed to become a safety engineer. Usually a degree in safety engineering is needed from any reputed four year college that offers a bachelor’s degree in safety engineering. A degree in environmental science is also helpful, and sometimes a requirement also for safety managers and engineers. There are also many online institutes where you can earn a safety engineering and environmental management degree very easily. If you search for the best schools in your area, you will surely find an institute suitable for you.

What jobs to expect with environmental science degree

safety professionalsThe job market for environmental scientists is very bright. Some of the best jobs today in the USA are related to environmental science. The field of environmental science has grown above average and has been recognized as a specialized field of engineering. The jobs for an environmental scientist will be favorable even more in the next decade and the outlook for this occupation is even wider. The need for environmental scientists is now increasing in every sector of industry including government agencies, schools, and private sectors for internal regulatory and research works.

Perusing a career in environmental safety and management could be the right choice for you if you are passionate about the environment and safety of workplace. The environmental science is an ever growing field which is more relevant today than it ever was. The new generation of environmentalists is expected to make the right choices and take right actions to save our planet and build a better sustainable environment fort the future.

environmental impact

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Prospects Of Environmental Science Profession & Environmental Studies

Prospects Of Environmental Science Profession & Environmental Studies

There have been various indications from many of the federal government agencies, including Dept. of Employment, Education and workplace relations that the job prospects in the environmental industry will increase in the next few years. Statistical data suggests that environmental scientists will be in higher demand and the jobs will grow strongly during the 2014-2017 period in the environmental science profession.


Environmental scientists’ facts

Looking back to 2000-2010, we see a trend in growth of employment in this occupation and the trend continues in the next decade. The data also shows that environmental scientists have a higher percentage of holding full time jobs above the average proportion of about 84%. The unemployment rates are below average, with earnings ratio above average working about 38.0 hours weekly.

environmental professionals network

Need for environmental scientists

The need for environmental scientists is more relevant today than ever before. They are required across a number of different industries including Technical Professional, And Scientific Services; Safety and Public Administration Services, Gas, Water, Electricity, Electrical Appliances, Waste Management Services, Art and Entertainment, Recreation Facilities, automobile industry, electronics, and many more. There are a 5.9% of new job vacancies for environmental scientists each year.

What makes the environmental scientist job favorable

environmental professionals networkEnvironmental scientists are needed across many industries today. The mix of several industries makes the employment of environmental scientists favorable for growth in job prospects. The fastest growing job sector in the near future will be in the education, healthcare, and professional services. The healthcare services will concentrate on home health care and management or technical services of healthcare. The environmental professionals will provide consultancy for several industries through the knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry to provide solutions for the environmental problems, public health concerns, waste management, air and water pollution, and so on. The job of the environmental scientists is to address global environmental issues and to minimize the negative global impacts worldwide.

Job options for environmental scientists

There were about 47,000 jobs held by environmental engineers in 2002. About 15,000 of them worked for local, State, or Federal government agencies. More than half the environmental scientists worked in scientific, technical and professional services. A good number of environmental professionals are also needed in various manufacturing industries. A degree in environmental science gives you the essential skills that could avail you a job in the sector of environment or a range of other occupations.

Jobs directly related to environmental science:

environmental professionals network• Environmental consultant
• Environmental education officer
• Environmental manager
• Nature conservation officer
• Recycling officer
• Waste management officer
• Water quality scientist
• Environmental health practitioner
• Landscape architect
• Town planner
• Toxicologist
• Transport planner

The job opportunities for the environmental professionals are expected to increase more rapidly in the next decade. The increased demand for environmental scientists will be due to the surfacing of this occupation as a widely recognized field of specialized engineering. More environmental engineers will be needed to develop, enforce and comply with government regulations and also to clean the existing environmental hazards and concerns.

Expected earnings for environmental scientists

In 2000 the average median yearly earning for an environmental scientist was around $62,000. The high earning range was $91,000, and the low 10% made 38,000 a year. According to the 2003 survey, the average offer for an environmental engineer start at $45,000 yearly. This salary range may vary from location to location and also with date.


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Christmas Wrapping Ideas – Save Trees Gift Wrap With Recycled Material

Christmas Wrapping Ideas – Save Trees Gift Wrap With Recycled Material

If you are looking for new ways to save trees and contribute to the greener planet? Recycling your Christmas gift wrapping paper and using recycled materials for gift wrapping can be a great idea to save trees. There are many eco-friendly methods that you can use to wrap your Christmas gifts this year. Here are some green ideas that save trees.

  • Recycle gift wraps:

I have found that many of us save their wrapping paper and reuse them to gift wrap new Christmas present. This is a great creative way to save paper and also money on Christmas wrapping paper. Every ton of paper you save saves 17 full grown trees. Not only that, it saves two barrels of oil, 7000 gallons of water, three cubic yards of landfill, and 4100 Kilo watt hours of electricity.

christmas gifts

  • Recycled paper gift wraps:

Many of us may not get excited about reusing old gift wrapping papers. In many occasions you want your gift to be wrapped perfectly with flawless wrapping paper, especially if it is for someone special. Not to worry, many of the companies today are on the green wagon and they are producing paper in sustainable methods. The paper made from recycled materials and waste look and feel exactly like paper made from fresh trees. About 37% of all paper sold in the market are made from recycled materials.

  • Reusable gift bags

gift bagsUsing gift bags to hide your gifts is another creative idea to save trees. There are several companies selling reusable 100% cotton made from recycled materials. Wrapping gifts with fabrics or gift bags make a great alternative to paper. With variety of different colors, it makes the gift giving a delight while saving trees.

  • Old calendars

If you use old calendars that you no longer need, it could be a colorful alternative to using gift wrapping paper because calendar pages are already colorful as well as large sheets of paper that you can easily use for gift wrapping. Once the calendars are old and outdated, no one will need them, so recycle them through grits.

  • Brown paper bags

brown paper giftYou can make good use of the brown paper bags that you got form your grocery store. When you shop for Christmas, save your bags and you will be able to decorate your brown paper bags in variety of colors. Think about all the large sheets of paper we can collect form our everyday activities such as newspapers, old maps and brown shopping bags or other colorful bags that you get from the supermarket.

By recycling gift wraps, using recycled paper for wrapping or using alternative methods of gift wrapping, we can save a huge amount of paper. Three are also a large number of wrapping bows, and ribbons wasted every year which can easily save and recycled through sustainable methods as well. You can also find many materials around your home that can be used as wrapping materials. Just shifting from the big box stores to the recycled stores can make a big difference.


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