February, 2020

5 Important Things to Remember When Getting Started in Farming

5 Important Things to Remember When Getting Started in Farming


Agriculture has long been one of the backbones of America, and farmers play an important, if not unseen, role in society.

Maybe you’ve had the idea of becoming a farmer for quite some time. After all, it can be quite the accomplishment to live off the land with your own work. Taking care of animals or planting crops is honest work that can make a huge difference in your life.

The country could also use more farmers riding around on grain carts, as the number of farms and farmers in the country has dwindled over the last few decades. 

If you’ve decided to get into farming, there are a few things that you need to remember before starting off.

Find a Market

Just like starting a business, you need to find a market where your products will be bought. It does you no good to sell watermelons in an area where people don’t really like watermelons.

Before you get out there and start planting, you need to find out who is actually going to purchase your products. Create a business plan that maps out your market, where you’ll sell products, and who your customers are going to be.

It’s a trap to think, “I’m growing food, everyone needs food,” as this is likely to lead you right into failure. 

Start off Small

If your goal is to become “the biggest and most well-known farm in the world,” then that’s a fantastic goal, but also quite unrealistic.

For example, it might be better to start off servicing your local farmer’s market every Saturday or supplying a small business with certain goods.

Farming isn’t easy, as you might learn, and instead of trying to cater to everyone, set small goals for yourself along the way before you feel like you can go for bigger and better things.

farmer's market

Know the Equipment

If you had a garden as a kid, the only equipment you needed was a spade, a shovel, some gloves, and a sense of humor.

Now, you’re going to need heavy duty machinery that can be confusing at first. 

Different kinds of farms will need different types of equipment. Small-scale farms will need different equipment than livestock farming and large-scale farms will vary from poultry farming. 

Equipment, such as grain carts, would be major purchases, and you want to make sure you do the research and know what you need before committing that kind of money. 

Find Your Passion

As mentioned above, farming is quite hard work. While you should take time for yourself, it’s a labor-intensive job. There are going to be plenty of thankless days and days where it’s quite tough to wake up.

That’s why you need to go into farming something that you love. It’s a lot easier to wake up on those cold, dark mornings if you’re going to do something that you love doing. 

Don’t Forget About the Business Side

Farming is a lot more than just planting crops and being outside, there’s the business aspect that needs to be taken care of.

If you’re not too sure about what it means to track expenditures and your overall cash flow, you might want to hire someone to help you do it or take steps to learn yourself.

There are some farm-based accounting programs and courses out there where you can learn the basics and establish a solid footing for yourself.  

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