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Stop Paying Your Electric Bills – Build Your Own Power Generator

Stop Paying Your Electric Bills – Build Your Own Power Generator

You could easily build a hydroelectric power generator to produce energy that may reduce your electric bills or it could be an alternate source of energy. Build a big enough power generator and you could totally eliminate your electric bills.

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New Year’s Resolution For A Cleaner & Sustainable Environment

New Year’s Resolution For A Cleaner & Sustainable Environment

As the New Year has arrived, think of the way you may become a better person this year compared to last year. The problem with making a resolution is that we tend to start the year thinking about our resolutions, but as the year progresses, we tend to forget all about our resolutions and get no results achieved by the end of the year. You might have found that your local gym is packed with people at the beginning of the year but soon the number of people decreases, and only those who are serious about their health remains in the gym by the end of the year.

environmental issues

To become a better person, your resolutions should not only include getting a better job, better car, and better shape, but also keeping the planet a better place too. Your actions today will impact the planet in the long run, and therefore, our future depends on how we treat our planet today, so why not make a resolution to recycle and work towards a cleaner and sustainable environment?

Most people cannot achieve their goals resolved on the New Year’s Day because most people are not willing to go the extra mile and stick to their goals. The lack of commitment is the major flaw of planning for most people. Once committed, one should make every effort to stay on the goals, no matter how hard it becomes or no matter what it takes. Sticking to goals requires breaking down the goal into smaller attainable goals and then every time you achieve a small goal it gives you reinforcement and confidence to achieve bigger goals.

New Year’s Resolution for a Sustainable Environment

Your New Year’s resolution don’t just need to be about becoming a better person, but it should also be about making the world a better place. There are many little things that we can do in our regular day to day activities that help environment and help reduce our carbon footprint.  The benefits of going green are given below:

Find the green incentives form government:

By going green you may be eligible for tax cuts, rebates and incentives form government. Check your local utility company websites for such promotions and bonuses. Your power company’s website might be a good place to find out about tax cuts or benefits related to your eco-friendly actions.

Replace house hold appliances with energy star ones:

Saving energy could be as simple as replacing your old light bulbs with the latest LED or CFL lights which lasts much longer than conventional light bulbs and uses only a fraction of energy that you would usually use. This saves you a significant amount of money and energy in the long run. If you have old appliances that eat up too much energy, get rid of them. Your new appliances will pay for themselves.

Grow food in your home garden

You grow your own home garden in your backyard, or anywhere in the house, indoors, or outdoors, depending on what type of house you have. If you have enough space in your backyard, you can grow a flower garden as well as vegetable garden that can supply you food and clean, fresh air. You can obtain all your supplies from local Home Depot or similar stores that carry garden supplies. You may also consider aquaponics or small fish farms that may save you trips to the grocery store save you time, gas money and help the environment as well.  The waste from your kitchen can be used to feed your fish farm as well as your plants, and therefore, it is also a great way to recycle food waste from your kitchen.

Recycle and reuse

There are many ways you can reuse stuff around the house. Recycling old bags for shopping, old gift wrappers, calendars, maps and newspapers will reduce cutting down trees. By recycling all your household waste efficiently can reduce mining as well. For example you can recycle all your house hold appliances for scrap metal, recycle old cans and bottles, old newspaper and so on. Recycled paper can save up to 30% of trees. The goods made of recycled materials are now just as good as goods made with conventional materials, therefore, you are able to use recycled furniture, paper, cloths, and so on and help the environment.

Consume less energy and fuel

photo_13933_20090904We can reduce the carbon emission into the air by using less energy. We should start thinking ways to use reusable cleaner sources of energy, driving cars that consume less fuel, and also use public transportation more often whenever possible to reduce carbon use. By using less energy, saving energy every time we can, such as turning off light and heat when we leave the room or using energy efficient appliances can not only cut down your energy bills but also conserve the fossil fuels and nature.

If we all do our share of recycling and restoring the environment we can significantly reduce our negative impacts and carbon footprint on the environment. Recycling all our household waste can effectively reduce mining, reduce cutting down trees and also reduce the filling up of landfills. Thousands of cubic feet of landfill space and thousands of trees can be saved if we all become a little more conscious about the environment and start working towards sustainability.

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Renewable And Clean Sources Of Energy To Tackle Global Energy Crisis

Renewable And Clean Sources Of Energy To Tackle Global Energy Crisis

The future of our civilizations depend a great deal on whether or not we find clean sources of reusable energy to replace the fossil fuels. It is very important that we have clean supply of energy and reduce our dependency on fossils like gas, coal and oil. In many countries of the world, it is already a problem to cope with the recent rise in utility prices and many consumers are feeling that they are unfairly charged for huge amount of energy bills.

clean energy source

Energy sources such as the sun and the wind are reusable because the supply of solar energy and wind powered turbines are not limited. Unlike fossil fuels like oil and gas, It does not get used up as we consume them. The other benefit of using energy from solar and wind powered plants is that it is clean and does not pollute the environment as we use them.

Fossil fuels take thousands of years to form and regenerate, and therefore we cannot consider them as a source of reusable energy. Burning fossil fuels leaves harmful gases in the atmosphere and in the long run can cause even more serious consequences, including severe global climatic changes, global warming, sea level rise, ice cap melting, determination of the ozone layer, acid rain and so on.

One new source of energy being considered recently is called the biodiesel. It is derived from the lipids or fat of algae, and can be a great new source for reusable energy. The lipids form algae is processed and converted into diesel, and the rest of the plant can be used as feed for other plants or animals. Even though algae burn a lot cleaner than other fossils, it still has carbon emission. However, many people would rather have algae in their gas tanks than in their pools.

Solar Pane;

When it comes to ultimate source of clean energy, nothing beats the power of the sun. It is the ultimate source of clean and reusable energy, which can be used in both large scales as well as small scales in public places and buildings. Directly or indirectly, we get all our energy from the sun. Any kind of energy source you can think of, such as the wind powered plants, the hydroelectric power plants, or fossil powered plants; they all use power from the sun. The sun makes the wind blow, the ocean currents go around the world, even the energy in the fossil came from the energy of the sun. Therefore, there is no denying that the sun is the ultimate source of clean, reusable energy.

Finding clean sources of energy is also important because economy of a country depend upon how they use their energy sources. The production and economic growth of a country depends on finding a uninterrupted supply of clean energy. It is important that we preserve our environment, and so is finding a clean source of reusable energy. Many countries of the world spend thousands of dollars because they import fuels form other countries. They also pay for the consequences such as climatic changes, environmental damages and health related issues which are related to burning fuel and environmental pollution.

Countries like China, Germany and India are already showing that they are taking the environmental issues seriously by increasing their spending on finding and using reusable clean source of energy. China spent an impressive $65 million dollars on reusable energy, which is 85% more than what the US spent last year. China is also imposing higher taxes on carbon emission to regulate the industries and to make their environment safer.

Most people in America, regardless of their political views, are already aware that renewable energy sources should be used more for the future civilization. Most Americans also prefer clean sources of energy for the future generations and believe that finding clean sources of energy is the only way to leave a cleaner earth for our children and grand children.

Rear with solar thermal panesl

Taking all aspects of energy sources into consideration, it would be only in our best interest to utilize all available sources for increasing productivity, securing our future, and having a great competitive economy as well as becoming the world leaders and examples for other nations to follow.

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Reusable Energy Sources -Environmental And Economic Issues

Reusable Energy Sources -Environmental And Economic Issues

The question of environmental management and conservation of energy has become one of the most talked about and relevant issues in today’s world. As we are becoming more and more aware that we consume resources and energy from the world as we live our lives. The energy resources that we use are not endless. As we live in this world consuming the resources from the earth, we are causing several imbalances in the nature. We are also leaving our footprints on this world which is having a negative effect on the environment and every environmentally conscious person would knows that we should keep our environment as safe as possible for us and for our future generations.

Finding reusable energy sources can be our first step towards conserving our environment. Using alternate sources for energy such as wind, sun and water, which are both clean and abundant in the nature, can reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere while saving the fossils fuels from beneath the earth. The fossils of the world took thousands of years to form, and as we burn them, they can cause serious damage to the environment by emitting the harmful gases. The increasing amount of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere can give rise to other related issues such as global warming, destruction of the ozone layer, sea level rise as well as cause harmful acid rain. As we know that having more acid forming agents in the air can cause acid rain, which can severely damage the environment by killing the plants and animals in the nature.



There are already companies trying to produce energy from reusable sources. The Sun, for example, is an abundant source of energy. Using solar panels to produce energy or replacing the power plants run by coal or gas with wind powered turbines can also prove to be a cost effective way as well as safe and clean source of energy. Many developing countries of the world have adapted to the reusable sources of energy to address their energy crisis issues.

Another advantage of using reusable energy sources is that a country can improve their economic conditions by finding solutions for the energy shortages, especially among the developing countries. When a country doesn’t have to rely on imported source of energy or fuels, it can become self dependent and save a great amount of money on fuel imports. Many of the countries which have abundant sunlight and wind can increase production and create new jobs.

The economic conditions of a nation can depend a great deal on the technology it uses. Once it develops the right technology, it can employ more people to make the energy producing projects come to life. The new environmentally safe power generating plants can prove to be very cost effective in the long run, considering the high oil prices, health hazards, and money spent on imports for fuels.

solar panel

Solar Panel

The fact that reusable energy sources are lot cleaner than any other forms of energy could make it one of the prime choices of the people even thought the surcharges for the development of these projects may be high initially.

If we all do our share in preserving the nature and working together as a team, we are sure to make this world a better place for us and for our future generations to come.

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