science of climatic changes

The Science Of Climatic Changes – Get A Clear Picture

The Science Of Climatic Changes – Get A Clear Picture

Recently, the Harvard Business Review polished a story called “10 Sustainable Business Stories Too Important to Misswhere the main focus of discussion was how we are impacting the environment and main pressure on business due to social and environmental changes. Some of the world’s largest and innovative companies are already recognizing this and making necessary changes in their policies in order to deal with the climatic changes.

In recent years, our trends of carbon emission continue to increase and so is the global temperature. In another assessment report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) it has become clear that we are the only ones to blame for the current climatic conditions that our planet is facing today. The report also calculated and estimated the amount of carbon we can safely add to the environment to keep the global temperature below the safety levels.

World leaders have agreed on a threshold of 2 degrees of global warming. In the Copenhagen Accord, an agreement was reached among the international climate change negotiators, in 2009. In the United Nations conference for climate change, all the world leaders agreed that the temperature rise of this century should not exceed by more than a 2 degrees Centigrade, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although some scientists and activists like James Hansen believes that even a 2 degree rise in the global temperature is too high.


The reality of pollution and carbon emission

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