10 Easy Things You Can Do To Help Preserve Wildlife

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10 Easy Things You Can Do To Help Preserve Wildlife

In our previous blogs, we talked about some critically endangered species of animals and birds that are gradually decreasing in population in nature, or facing extinction, due to our negative impacts on nature. Humans are harming the wildlife in many ways and causing many species of animals, birds, and insects to disappear overtime. We have also talked about how biodiversity in nature is important for the ecology to function properly, and all members or components of the ecology play an important role. In this blog we are going to discuss 10 things that you can easily do to help the wildlife, and stop other animals from losing their habitat or food. So instead of becoming a problem for the wildlife, you could try to become a part of the solution.


1. Preserve habitat of wildlife

Rivers, prairies, forests, wetlands, oceans, and everything else in nature is the cradle for wildlife, which are disappearing rapidly. Habitat is the place where all living things find favorable conditions to survive, reproduce, and thrive. Pollution, land development, deforestation, and natural disasters are a few reasons why the wildlife and the number of species are decreasing rapidly today. When habitat is threatened or destroyed, the wildlife living in the habitat is threatened as well. When roads or new developments destroy the habitats of wild animals, they must move and find new places to thrive, putting pressure on the ecology and nature. For example, an oil disaster can jeopardize the living conditions of sea turtles in the ocean.

2. Provide water

If the natural habitat of the wild animals is left undisturbed, animals in the ecosystem can usually find food by themselves without any problems. However, finding water can become a problem for them, especially in the summer, during a drought, or during winter when water freezes up. We can help wildlife to get water by providing a clean water source to the wild animal and monitoring and replacing the clean water source regularly in a given area. The water source can be as small as a birdbath, or a barrel of water to provide water for the animals in regions where water is hard to get. In the northern regions, some kind of heating device should be used with the water containers so that the water doesn’t freeze. Also keep the container away from a place where predators can ambush and hunt animals while drinking.


3. Use Eco-friendly products

Take extra care when using products such as pesticides, fertilizers, etc. to make sure that they do not contain any harsh chemicals harmful to the environment. Any harsh chemicals used as a pesticide to kill insects can kill other animals such as birds, and the chemicals get introduced in the food cycle, which can even harm us. Using eco-friendly products can eliminate this problem.

4. Feed birds and animals the right way


In the winter, the food and water supply in the nature may be in short amounts and so feeding birds regularly in your backyard is important until spring, when food becomes available again. However, you should avoid feeding mammals, such as deer or raccoons, because they might become dependent for food on humans.

5. Don’t trim your trees and shrubs in spring

Most birds and animals will start nesting in the spring and give birth to babies. Avoid trimming your trees or shrubs in spring to keep the nesting season undisturbed.

6. Take care of wildlife habitat

You can help preserve the wildlife habitat by planting more trees; avoid cutting down trees, and avoiding disturbing the natural habitats of wildlife. If you own a piece of property or land, try planting more trees in it to promote wildlife habitat. Digging ponds in your property will also help the wildlife. Avoid unjustified cutting down of trees.

7. Keep your pet cat indoors

Pet cats are hunters and can become predators for other animals, such as birds or mice. While their predatory instincts can be helpful indoor to catch harmful rats and mice, they can also kill birds if left to roam freely outdoors.

8. Cultivate your own garden

You can start your own garden, no matter how small or big your yard is. A kitchen garden can easily become a source of a steady supply of food for you while promoting wildlife.

9. Connect with conservationist

Look for animal welfare and conservationist groups in your area. You can connect with people with similar interest and work towards preservation of wildlife. You can find professional advice and sustainable guidelines from groups and organizations concerned with the environment and sustainability. You can also contact Environmental Professionals Network.

10. Take part in conservation activities

From time to time, there are events or voluntary activities in your area that you can participate in and support the conservationists. Many of the conservationist groups are looking for volunteers and support from the community.  If you are generous enough, help these groups financially. There are several nonprofit organizations nationwide that needs your support, either financially or need your vote on several sustainability issues.

These are some very simple steps that you can take, which would make a big difference if we all collectively followed them. We can fight a better battle for the conservation of wildlife and preservation of endangered animals if we join forces. Together we have a better chance of protecting our nature and ecosystem. Also, please don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard. We highly encourage you to comment on this post and let your opinions about conservation of wildlife spread.


Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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5 Responses to “10 Easy Things You Can Do To Help Preserve Wildlife”

  1. I like how you stated that you can help preserve the wildlife habitat by planting more trees; avoid cutting down trees, and avoiding disturbing the natural habitats of wildlife. I absolutely love animals and don’t feel like I’m doing enough to help preserve and protect them. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when trying to help preserve wildlife and protect animals.

  2. Your suggestions are really awesome. i hope it reaches to wider scope of people. If any help needed regarding blogging. Please do ask freely.

  3. Rana Nimesh says:

    Your suggestions are very awesome.
    I think it helps the animals and birds.

  4. Rana Nimesh says:

    Your suggestions are really awesome. i hope it reaches to wider scope of people. If any help needed regarding blogging. Please do ask freely.

  5. Frances Harris says:

    We have two lakes, wetlands and an amazing area of scrub and wildlife in this area but no conservation at all. There. May be protected species in the area but we don’t know. We have counted 50 Swans on the plus signet What to do now that the shooting season has started??


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