5 Benefits Of Recycling Your Household Trash

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5 Benefits Of Recycling Your Household Trash

The three words commonly associated with recycling are “Reduce,” “Reuse,” and “Recycle.” We will look at what recycling really is, how you can benefit from it, and also the environmental benefits. You will be able to make some money and also help reduce the negative impacts on the environment through recycling, even if you have no prior knowledge.

What is recycling?

The word recycling means to process materials that we would normally be thrown away into trash, and make new products out of them. We often throw away valuable metals, glass, paper, etc. without realizing that all those materials could be reused instead of filling-up landfills. Some of the valuable metals such as copper, aluminum, iron, steel, etc, can be very easily recycled and turned into profit. If you know which household products can be reused and recycled, you could easily sort them and make money while contributing to the improvement of our environment.

You could even recycle waste from your kitchen, old furniture, old clothes, broken glass, computer and electronic parts, electrical appliances and components, roofing and siding materials, aluminum cans, empty metal cans and containers, metal wire and cables, and more.


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

When we create waste and throw it away into landfills, we not only fill up the land, but also pollute the air and soil. Harmful gases and toxic chemicals are produced which are released into the atmosphere as well as seeped into the soil. By reducing the volume of waste we produce, we can also reduce the amount of pollution released. We can reduce waste by bringing reusable shopping bags to the store, selecting products with the least amount of packaging, repairing items instead of replacing them and minimizing the disposable products we use.

The second “R” is Reuse. Reusing is to utilize and make use of most of our household items with minimum waste. If you cannot reuse some of the items you have at home, you could donate them to recycling groups or recycle them yourself. We must adapt to recycled materials and purchase more items made from recycled materials.


Benefits of recycling

According to a recent study by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we recycle about 32.5% of our solid waste across various different types of goods. What do we do with the rest? The EPA explains that we burn and destroy 12.5% solid waste at incineration facilities, emitting harmful gases in the atmosphere. The rest of the waste, about 250 million tons of it, ends up in landfills annually throughout the country. If we could separate and recycle this waste, we could easily benefit from it. Below we will discuss five benefits of recycling and using recycled materials.


1. Make money

One of the major benefits of recycling is financial income. We could all find several items lying around our homes that could be recycled and make money from them. Some such items are old furniture, old phones, cables, metal furniture, aluminum cans, metal containers, old clothes, electrical appliances, and more.

2. Conserve resources

Throwing away objects in the dumpster could increase the pressure on mining for new raw materials. It also wastes the energy such as fuel and other costs associated with mining. Recycling aluminum cans, steel, copper, and other expensive metals can save costly gas money and mining expenses, as well as conserve valuable resources.


3. The environmental benefits

Recycling can significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. It can save on non-reusable resources as well as water and landfill space, and most of all it can save energy. So, recycling reduces emissions, conserves energy, and reduces pollution.

4. Create more jobs and a stronger economy

The idea of recycling is gaining popularity among individuals and companies more than ever for both economic and environmental reasons, and jobs in recycling industries are booming.

5. Recycling builds a stronger economy


Done on a large scale, recycling can have a significant impact on the economy when you consider creating jobs, conserving raw materials, reusing waste materials, and reduced energy cost along with environmental benefits.

Recycling is a choice and way of life. It’s one of those habits that help you make money while helping the environment. Once you make that choice, you could start taking steps towards recycling, reusing and reducing waste in your daily life quite naturally. Every bit of energy and every resource that you save adds up, and you could make a difference.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network.

39 Responses to “5 Benefits Of Recycling Your Household Trash”

  1. ojieh kelvin says:

    good day, I would like to know for the benefit of Nigerians the processes and the knowhow, of turning waste products or household trash into electricity as alternate electricity is a growing need for the Nigerian population. thank you.

  2. In your article, you mentioned that The EPA explains that we burn and destroy 12.5% solid waste at incineration facilities, emitting harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Do most neighborhoods have recycling programs or recycling centers? My daughter came home from school asking if we are recycling our garbage. Finding a reputable recycling center might be our best option.

  3. I thought it was really interesting to learn that recycling actually benefits the economy. According to the article, the reduced energy cost it takes to recycle brings economical benefits. I think I could do a lot better at recycling in my home. What tips do you have for getting into the habit of recycling regularly?

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the comment. Here is just a little tip. Put a brightly colored but tasteful container you will use for recycling in a very convenient place you will see when you are going to dispose something. You should join our EAT Community at http://www.eatcommunity.com and you will learn a lot more about recycling and many other great environmental ideas.


  4. My youngest son has been learning about recycling in school lately, so I figured I would try and re-educate myself on that topic as well so that we can do a better job of reusing things around our house. I had no idea that certain things can be recycled for money, especially if they’re metal. It seems like recycling is both good for the economy and our financial situation! Thank you for the helpful information.

  5. I didn’t realize that jobs in recycling are becoming so big and so many. This would be a good way to help establish the future for our children by strengthening the economy. The next generation will be the one to lead us so ensuring that they can get ahold of all the things they need to become good people would be important. If we can help out with that by simply giving our waste over to a waste management service that can help ensure that it gets recycled and disposed of we should probably do it if we can!

  6. I’ve been doing some reading on how recycling impacts the environment, and I’ve been surprised at how helpful recycling metal can be. Your mention of how recycling metal helps conserve resources since gas and mining expenses are mostly eliminated is something I’ve been particularly fascinated about. I’ve read that recycled aluminum requires as much as 95% less energy to manufacture compared to mining new aluminum. Is that accurate?

  7. Excellent article!! I came across your blog, and there I find information about 5 Benefits Of Recycling Your Household Trash. It’s beneficial tips. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why you should recycle! My wife and I have not been the best a recycling lately, and I think that we should do a better job. I like how you mentioned that you can even make some money by recycling some things like cables. Thanks again!

  9. Wow, I never thought about how recycling can have a positive impact on the economy, such as creating jobs. My dad is looking for a new job after he retired from the police force. I appreciate the information on the benefits of recycling your household garbage.

  10. I never knew that you could make money off recycling your things. It would make sense to find someone who is experienced and qualified to help you recycle your waste in the correct way. I’m looking for a waste management service, so I’ll have to make sure they recycle as well.

  11. Pinky smart says:

    please answer my question it is for my school project identify one type of garbage that could be recycle and explain the benefit that could be derived from the recycle material

  12. Wow, I never knew that we recycle 32.5% of our waste. We just bought a separate recycling bin for our home. Thanks for the benefits of recycling.

  13. Nice blog.The benefits add lot to the knowledge and help in recycling.

  14. Yes it is true nd beneficial for every people living here in this global village

  15. I didn’t realize that recycling bins were good for the economy. I guess it makes sense that recycling creates jobs! My wife and I have been thinking about becoming more eco-friendly, and it seems like we just found another great reason to start recycling more. Thanks for the information!

  16. Hi! Thank you for this informative and important post! Recycling is important and it is god more people are learning about it. This is why I find these kind of articles really good.
    There’s so many good reasons to recycle, as you said. I think for many people know they should be doing it, but it is too complicated for them. I must say, that recycling might seem hard, but it can be made very simple and easy too. There’s many places where you can drop off your recycled waste, and it will be processed the right way.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips. I hope a lot of people will learn from them.

  17. Recycling plastic does not only have a positive impact over humans but also plant and animal life, due to the fact that plastic items which are not recycled in an appropriate manner is harmful to the life of birds, animals and specifically for marine life. Moreover, through plastic recycling we can achieve sustainable transportation objectives through utilization of plastic as a fuel.

  18. Extremely well-written article. Excellent compilation of all the reasons and benefits of recycling. I agree! By reducing the volume of waste we produce, we can also reduce the amount of pollution released.

  19. That is a good point that we could make money for stuff that could be recycled. Maybe it would be good to get a recycling bin to hold all the stuff needing to be recycled. This is something I am going to have to look into getting for my home sometime soon.

  20. Nice article!! I read your blog, and there I find information about 5 Benefits Of Recycling Your Household Trash. It’s beneficial tips. Thanks for sharing.

  21. I need to go poo poo

  22. I want to make sure that I get my junk removed. It makes sense that I would want to have all of the furniture that I’m throwing out recycled! That way I don’t have to worry about wasting it.

  23. Recycling helps in slowing the rate of resource depletion, and it also helps in reducing global warming that is already proving to be extremely harmful for the environment due to drastic climatic changes. Moreover, storage of junk in an eco-friendly manner also decreases landfill waste. Therefore, it will be best to call a professional junk removal service provider like Junk Call who can dispose off junk in an eco-friendly manner.

  24. Aric Aurik says:

    Yes, Recycling your own household trash is a good idea. So I have set up a recycling machine which I have ordered through Packagingnavi.

  25. My sister is a great sculpturist, and I want to help her make some unseen sculptures. It says here that you could make money from items that could be recycled. with that being set, We will buy scrap plastic to try our technique for sculpturing.

  26. I like how you included that recycling expensive metals can save costly gas money and mining expenses. My husband and I were thinking about getting a recycle container for our home so we can recycle more. We’ll make sure to keep this in mind if we decide to get a recycle container.

  27. There are number of items lying inside your house that could easily be recycled, these include; Cardboard, Books, Journals, Magazines, VHS Tapes, Cell Phones, and Ink Cartridges etc. However, if you are not willing to recycle, you must avail services of professional junk removal service providers like Junk Call; who can haul away your household junk items in an eco-friendly manner, thereby reducing the overall impact over the environment.

  28. so what are the environmental benefits of recycling waste products

  29. I like that you said that recycling is a good way to make money. I’ve noticed that there is a lot of litter on the street and I want to help by recycling much of it. I don’t want to touch it with my hands, however, so I’ll need to buy a pickup tool. I’ll be sure to keep your tips in mind to help make a little extra cash.

  30. Very nice article. Recycling is a very powerful aspect of environmental sustainability. The truth is we all require to get into the habit of using less stuff in the first place. And the things we do use ought to be reused as much as possible before being recycled, to minimize trash. We are a charitable organization and the recycling community helps you donate or up-cycle waste items in an ethical, responsive or affordable way.

  31. Asraf Abid says:

    Trash can or recycle bean is the main helper for your home product recycle. Home product recycle is very important for our environment. So a trash can is also very important for every home.

  32. what is benefit of separating waste according to categories?

  33. It’s interesting to know that recycling can help you to make some extra money with your household trash. My husband and I are thinking about what to do with the wastes of our remodeling project, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about your recommendations to understand the benefits of recycling.


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