6 Best Green Jobs On the Market

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6 Best Green Jobs On the Market

The universe has been kind to us, and in return, we have mutilated its essence with our corporate greed. Bygones are bygones, the world has started turning greener with a slow but considerable pace. With the progressing green-industry creating professions that were unheard of a few decades ago, here is a list of some of the best environmental professions around the globe.

1. Clean Car Engineers:

The automobile industry has contributed immensely to the destruction of the global environment over the past century and has continued its stance in the new millennium. But since the advent of the green-movement, auto-mobile engineers have turned to innovative new ways to conserve the environment and to save the necessary natural resources. Solar-powered vehicles, electric cars, and hydro-powered cars have served as a downright revolution in this respect. With the automobile industry turning steadily greener, clean car engineering has become quite the professional, innovating, and building fresh eco-friendly vehicles for the preservation of mother nature.

2. Recyclers:

recycleRecycling waste materials has also turned the bandwagon to quite an extent. In regard to the recycling of paper, statistics show that recycling a single ton of paper saves enough energy to power an average home for half a year, saves 7,000 gallons (26,500 liters) of water, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by a metric ton of carbon equivalent.

3. Natural Scientists:

As the green-environment quest progresses further, it is essential that there be qualified research professionals monitoring the impact of more or less all human activities on the environment.  Activities such as the sustainability of the remaining natural resources, future prospects, and ideas to prevent any unfortunate environmental mishaps. Such professionals require specific environmental degrees that are being offered around the globe at educational institutes. As the green-industry goes, this is the most prime and rewarding career of them all.

4. Wind Energy Workers:

Wind energy has been since long ago for small scale and occasional large scale electricity production globally. Now, with the environmental challenges growing deeper in, wind energy production has come back into focus and is being pursued by large corporations for mutual benefit. Proponents of wind power believe that the wind industry can become a giant part of global electricity production—perhaps producing as much as one-third of the world’s total by 2050—and replace fossil-fuel industry jobs with greener equivalents.

5. Green Builders:

green jobEco-friendly homes are becoming a quick trend in the global real estate market. Reusable energy sources, roof treatments, water conservation, excessive plantation, and efficient garbage disposals with recycling techniques, have been introduced in the green-construction industry. This has produced a lot of scope for aspiring/already functioning construction professionals who are looking to get into this social responsibility Green building has been ranked as one of the most profitable and progressive lines in the real estate world.

6. Urban Growers:

Gone are the days when the farm concept applied to the rural areas. Now with the dire environmental need and everything that follows,
Urban farms have popped up in uptown areas everywhere. Green roof gardens can deliver locally sourced food and help the environment by the reduced use of pesticides and minimum natural resources. Green roofs can also improve the urban environment by insulating buildings against energy loss, managing stormwater, improving air quality, and providing places of recreation.  

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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