6 Ways to Make Your Lawn Care Business Eco-Friendly

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6 Ways to Make Your Lawn Care Business Eco-Friendly

The lawn care business is an ever-evolving frontier that requires business owners to come up with novel solutions in order to better cater not only to their clients but also to the environment within which they live and work.

The fact of the matter is that there isn’t one homeowner out there that doesn’t want a well cared for lawn. Fortunately for the homeowner, you operate a lawn care business that gets the job done right, every time.

What’s unfortunate however is the fact that your lawn care equipment and strategies may do a lot of environmental damage in order to arrive at a well-groomed lawn or landscape.

Luckily there have been a lot of improvements in the lawn care industry lately; mainly by folks who are environmentally conscious, that places focus directly on ways to provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly lawn care service without having to sacrifice on the quality of the service being provided.

You may think that it will be hard for your lawn care company to transition its standard quality service into a service that includes an eco-friendly approach. The reality is that that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it may be true that many years ago such a transition wouldn’t have been cost-effective; with today’s newly developed strategies, equipment, and resources, your company can turn your new eco-friendly approach to lawn care into an additional selling point that will make your prospective clients want to hire you quicker.

You can start your transition today by using these 5 methods that can make your lawn business more eco-friendly.

Collect rainwater

If your existing clients don’t have a rainwater collection system installed in their yard, consider adding an installation service as another one of your upsells so you can help better the environment, increase your bottom line, and help the homeowner save a ton of cash on their water bills.

Rainwater falls from the sky which is as natural and free as it gets. With a rainwater system, your client will be able to collect the rainwater and spray their lawn or landscaping at their own convenience.


If your lawn care company does landscaping, then you know how pricey fertilizer and other needed resources for successful planting can get. Since you run a company, then chances are you and your employees create a decent amount of waste; enough waste for you to begin composting thereby creating free, nutrient-filled fertilizer.

You can also consider going to your local farm and request to purchase their compost if the items you’ve composted aren’t enough for your lawn care contracts. Chances are you’ll get a better price for the same amount that you would get at a distributor for name brand fertilizer that essentially does the same thing.

Use biopesticides

Many lawn care companies today use pesticides to help plants avoid coming in contact with undesirable insects. That’s understandable, considering that insects of all sorts can destroy plants and lawns alike, and for a reputable lawn care company, that’s simply unacceptable.

Biopesticides have been growing in popularity all across the nation as lawn care companies are beginning to see the benefits that biopesticides have to offer. A biopesticide is a chemical that is made up of naturally occurring elements that help control the insect population instead of killing it.

A pheromone pesticide, for instance, disrupts the mating patterns of some insects such as moths and butterflies in the lepidopteran group. Other biopesticides contain certain scents that work to help lure insects and critters into non-lethal traps.

Use eco-friendly lawn care equipment

Did you know that gas-powered lawn care equipment doesn’t have to adhere to the same EPA standards that automobiles do?

While avoiding certain safety and environmental standards may be beneficial for cutting costs and corners, the same can’t be said for protecting the environment especially when the emissions your equipment produces may be more toxic than that of a car.

Electric-powered mowers have seen a lot of improvements over the years. Why go with gas-powered trimming equipment when you can save a lot on gas with electric-powered lawn care equipment.

Take the zero-turn, Hustler Zeon electric riding mower for example. It features a 42-inch cutting deck and can mow for 90 minutes straight on a single, 14-hour charge. The benefits of the Hustler Zeon is that it produces zero emissions; considering the fact that it has no filters, fluids, or fumes that you would have to worry about, and operates just like a gasoline-powered mower.

Plant a no-mow lawn

Turning your lawn care business into an eco-friendly powerhouse will take an innovative approach, so who said anything about a traditional lawn?

Talk to your clients to see if they would like to tear out their existing lawn and switch it for a no-mow lawn. A no-mow lawn is a drought-tolerant, lush green carpet of grass that can grow in full sun or partial shade.

The benefits of a no-mow lawn are that it establishes quickly and forms a thick flowing carpet of grass. Additionally, it requires very little watering and will only need to be mowed once or twice a year.

Get involved in green initiatives

Your business can benefit greatly by getting involved in your local community. Attend or host eco-friendly, green initiative events to help spread the word about the benefits of eco-friendly lawn care.

By attending or hosting such events, you will be placing your business in the best possible position to succeed given that this is a great way to also market your business and tell your clients that you are taking the sustainable approach to maintaining their lawns and landscaping.


There are many reasons to turn your private lawn care company into an eco-friendly business. One of the main reasons is to take charge and let your clients know that you are taking a sustainability initiative and that you genuinely care for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

Remember that many of the ways mentioned above will help your company go and remain eco-friendly and not only benefits your health but also your bottom line and helps your clients in the process.

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