8 Ways to Make your Business Sustainable

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8 Ways to Make your Business Sustainable

Every once in a while, businesses follow a trend or a new practice. Some end up becoming popular while others fade away. Sustainability in business is a good example of a trend that has stuck around and becomes really popular. Sustainability is great for the company as well as the environment — a win-win situation.


If you want to run a sustainable business, here are 8 ways to do so.


Defining a Clear Goal

It is important to have a clear sustainability goal as it will give you a road map to follow. Avoid ambiguous and vague goals as they will only act as a speed bump in the process. Sustainability goals will vary from one business to the other and you must innovate accordingly. Make sustainability a core belief of your company. Be consistent in your mission and belief, and run your business in accordance with them.

Assigning People

Every major change starts with one person. You should have a sustainability leader who can lead a team and advocate for sustainable business practices. The assigned person can help in bringing your sustainability goals to fruition and communicate them with the rest of the staff and community. Your goals should be embedded in your corporate culture. Ensure that the leader advocates for the role of sustainability at every employee level — right from an intern to the highest management.

Allocating the Right Resources

You can’t expect to run a sustainable business without allocating the necessary resources — in terms of people, time, tools, and money. Gather the required information to understand what resources you need and how much you need. Consult with your team, especially project managers.

Encouraging a Sustainable Supply Chain

Source your raw materials from people who practice sustainability themselves. Track the origin of raw materials and ensure your supply chain is sustainable as well. Conduct a supply chain audit as it will help in determining the areas you need to review — these can cover the ethical, environmental and transportation aspects.

Enhancing Production Processes

Take a good look at your production processes, especially those that are executed every day as they have the maximum potential to hurt the environment. You can find great sustainability opportunities in such processes. Calculate the amount of energy being used in those processes and implement methods like upgrading the machinery or streamlining processes to make them more efficient. It will help in saving money as well. Identify recycling opportunities and waste reduction techniques.

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Package & Distribute Smartly

Use environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging for your products. Determine if it is possible to reduce the amount of packaging without compromising on the quality. How you distribute also impacts the sustainability goals. Come up with ways to reduce your carbon footprint during distribution. Incorporating green vehicles in your facility would be a great idea.

Keep Improving

You can’t implement sustainable practices in the entire facility at once. Start with certain places and once you master them, start identifying opportunities in other business areas. Every area of the business will interact with various vertical and horizontal network. This is where you can find the next opportunity. Adopt sustainable procurement practices and constantly keep an eye on the supply chain.

Showcase your Green Reputation

When you go green, don’t keep your sustainability success to yourself. Let your clients and customers in on it as well. Inform them of your sustainable achievements and goals. It will earn you extra points and encourage others to follow the suit.

Don’t stick to just one technique or idea. Constantly reinvent your practices and processes to build a green business. Focus on retaining your core beliefs while re-imagining how you can approach various sustainable practices. At the same time, you must focus on creating value for your customers. Understand how you can offer sustainable solutions to your clients and create high value, high capabilities useful for people.


Article Contributed by Erich Lawson

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Erich Lawson is passionate about saving the environment by effective recycling. He has written a wide array of articles on how modern recycling equipment can be used by industries to reduce monthly garbage bills and increase recycling revenue. You can learn more about environment savings techniques by visiting Northern California Compactors, Inc blog.

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