A pressing issue: Sand Scarcity

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A pressing issue: Sand Scarcity

The 21st century has the enormous duty to correct the damage we have caused in the environment in the past and to develop technology that makes our lives less economically harmful. Society is aware of several pressing environmental issues and is actively looking for a solution but there are several the majority doesn’t even know of, one of them being sand scarcity.

Sand is currently the 2nd most extracted natural resource after water, we consume over 40 billion tons on an annual basis. In fact, the extraction is not just sand in general but marine sand. The main reason for sand extraction is the demand coming from the construction industry and only marine sand is adequate for building, construction of foundations for roads or as a component of concrete. Thus the sand scarcity is mostly focused on the marine sand.

This already has visible consequences: 75-90% of beaches are retreating around the world and in some countries like Indonesia island have totally disappeared. Sand has also become so valuable that illegal organizations, the sand mafia are collecting sand and selling it on the black market.

Excessive sand extraction is thus affecting our environment and our society is a severely negative way. What is there to do? That is the question that has to be answered and as soon as possible. Studies show that by 2100 all beaches may disappear if we don#t radically change our behavior. To find out more about sand scarcity, its causes and its consequences, check out the following infographic: http://trademachines.com/info/sand/

Sand Scarcity

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