Concerns About Species Of Living Things Extinction & Ecosystem

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Concerns About Species Of Living Things Extinction & Ecosystem

In order for the ecosystem to function properly, all species of plants animals and insects, and all types of living and non living things such as air water, soil and so on must stay in harmony. Mother Nature has perfected a system of balance where all different species of animal coexist. They even help each other to survive and grow as they balance out in the ecosystem. Each element of the ecosystem plays an important role, and so, it is important that each species of plants or animals remain in the ecosystem and interact in order to make the ecosystem work.

Extinction and its consequences on ecosystem


Many have argued that extinction of species is quite natural, and part of the natural selection. However, it seems that the rate of extinction has increased in our modern day. So should we worry about a few million species being extinct? Well, should we worry about human beings being extinct as well?

Species that exist in their natural habitats today represent only 0.1% of the total species that have existed during the earth’s history; 99.9% of the species that have existed are extinct today. Species still in existence today, including humans, have gone through periods of evolution, and passed their genetic codes to the next generation. All living things that we see around us came from a simpler organism, and are at the peak of evolution.

Unjustified killing of wild animals is a crime against nature. Today, the extinction rate of wild animals is one thousand times greater than historical rates.Human activities are a likely culprit.

Species and human impacts on ecosystem


Most of the wild life and species in the ecosystem are being forced to adapt to changing habitats, or migrate due to climatic changes. Even migration routes are being altered by human developments, infrastructures and settlements.

When a species is threatened,behavioral changes have been documented. Animals need to adapt to their surrounding in order to survive. When the climate changes too suddenly or too often, the animals or plants may not have enough time to evolve biologically and may face extinction. Right now, the human induced climatic changes are at a disastrous level, and are too rapid for plants and animals to be able to adapt to it. Northern states and Canada are experiencing the most severe consequences on ecosystem and serous impacts on biodiversity because of climatic changes.

What animals need to live

trees_bellingham_washington_445534_lTo survive, all animals must have a healthy habitat. This includes: food, water, air, and safety. Learning about animal habitats and what they need to survive can help to preserve wildlife and minimize extinction of endangered species. In the recent years, an increase in pollution, deforestation, and hunting, especially wild fish fishing has lead many species of animals to become critically endangered. They have been losing habitats, food, and dying at alarming rates. In the global ecosystem, all types of animals must co-exist and interact in order to make the ecosystem work.

Are we the most important species on earth? We certainly are the most powerful. We have the power to either make or break things; the choices we will make today will either destroy the planet entirely or will return it to a natural paradise that it once used to be. And yes, we are the most important species on earth that can make the difference.

Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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