Apple Fights Climate Change in China with Renewable Energy Projects

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Apple Fights Climate Change in China with Renewable Energy Projects

Apple has joined the battle against climate change and has announced two new programs to reduce its carbon footprints. It has launched clean energy programs in China to reduce environmental impact of its suppliers.

Earlier this year, Apple announced,: “We don’t want to debate climate change. We want to stop it.”

Apple also released an Environmental Responsibility Report, to take a strong standpoint against climate change. When it comes to consuming power and using materials, apple believes in environmentally sustainable practice. In this Environmental Responsibility Report Apple recently announced that it had spent $848 million on a 25-year purchase of solar power from First Solar in California.

In the report, Apple writes, “We’ve made real progress in reducing the impact of the things we control directly — our offices, retail stores, and products. But there’s still a lot of work to be done to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply chain. And it’s our responsibility to lead that effort.”

The company has announced two new programs especially designed to reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacturing partners in China. As we know, China has been one of the biggest electronics manufacturing countries of the world, and it has also been one of the biggest contributors to carbon footprint.

shanghaThese two schemes will try to reduce pollution of more than 20 million metric tons between now and 2020. This scheme includes building and using alternative energy sources, mainly solar energy in most of the country’s energy grid regions. They are also partnering with solar energy technology companies to supply and install clean energy projects across the country in the future.

Apple has also announced that it has completed a 40 megawatts solar project in China’s Sichuan province.  This project produces enough energy to supply power to all the apple stores, offices, retailers and distributors in the country.

Apple says this project has made them a carbon neutral company in China. However, it does not take account for the carbon produced by its manufacturers and suppliers. The two new solar projects will offset this energy need by producing over 200 megawatts of electricity. This is enough energy to power 265,000 homes in China for a year.  They will also help suppliers to build their own projects, which are estimated to produce over 2 gigawatts of clean electricity around the country.

solarpanelThere is no doubt that climate change is a major challenge for human race today and we, the humans, are primarily responsible for it. We have literally added thousands of tons of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels to power our homes, industries and vehicles.

As humans, it has become necessary for us to come up with renewable energy sources that do not deplete our environment, do not add greenhouse gases, and do not pollute our surroundings any more than we have already done.

New business that recognize this need, are always trying to find sustainable methods of operation and alternative sources of energy to power their businesses. It is responsibility of each of us to become aware of the potential dangers of climate change for the sake of our own existence.  

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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