Are Solar Generators Worth Installing for One’s Home?

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Are Solar Generators Worth Installing for One’s Home?

The mere thought of your grid going down, or of being trapped in a house with no electricity is enough to make you intensely scared- perhaps enough to cause some palpitations. But it’s a possibility!

Okay fine, even if your grid is forever up-to-the-task, how about those boating or camping trips where you’d need extra light sources?

Solar generators are beginning to gain immense ground, and it isn’t because we’re fond of the sun; it’s because they work!

What are Solar Generators?

Generally, these are energy systems powered by the sun. A solar generator uses a solar panel to harness the sun’s energy, storing it in a portable storage system for use at a later time. They are super cool as emergency backup plans for light outages!

How Solar Generators Work

The two major parts of a solar generator are the solar panels and the storage system.

Solar energy is stored by placing the panel in direct connection with sunlight, after which the panel is connected to a storage system. To draw energy from the panel, energy is pulled from the battery system to help power needed appliances.

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels for your home would be very wise, for important reasons like reduced cost. Solar panels used for solar generators such as the awesome Inergy Kodiak 1100 are typically not the same as commercial or residential panels. Home solar panels are typically smaller (with less wattage) and easy to move around- especially in the direction of the sun.

How to Store Solar Energy: Solar Generator Batteries

Solar generators are unique because they have batteries where the energy gotten from the sun via the solar panels, are stored. They are also typically smaller and more portable than the batteries used in home solar installations. They might also come with built-in outlets to charge stuff.

They can either be made from lithium-ion technology, or lead-acid technology. Another added advantage is that they can be combined with other battery power sources i.e. chaining.

Why You Should Install a Solar Generator in Your Home

What are the benefits of installing a solar generator?

First off, you get free energy from the sun; and because you don’t have to purchase fuels (e.g. fossil fuels), you save money! If you purchase good solar panels, they can provide you with free solar energy for up to 30 years.

Another important benefit of solar generators is their low maintenance cost, much unlike fossil fuel generators which require liquid fuel.

The environment would also experience less pollution when you choose solar generators, and you, in your own small world, contribute to positive climatic change. Solar generators also operate noiselessly, so you get to enjoy- say a lovely night rest- while using them.

Nonetheless, solar generators are often able to provide power for limited periods of time, especially in emergency scenarios, and you might have to go for other options if you’re looking to power larger appliances for long periods of time. As well, you would need to spend quite a bulkier sum while making the down purchase on a solar generator, than when buying other forms of power generating systems, and you would need a little bit of patience for them to charge up from the sun (you can’t exactly hurry up the sun, can you?)

When the pros are weighed against the cons, however, solar generating power systems are becoming more sustainable options globally.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing a solar generating system inclusive of a home solar panel places you on the radar of environmentally friendly, forward-thinking individuals in the 21st century. Thinking of making a purchase? Way to go smarty! 

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