Environmental Protection Awareness And Reducing Your Energy Costs

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Environmental Protection Awareness And Reducing Your Energy Costs

Energy costs have been a big concern for many families especially for families with low income. People living on a low-income budget are always trying to find ways to lower their utility bills and improve their energy efficiency. What people often don’t realize is that as they try to keep their energy costs down, they are also contributing to keeping the environment clean by living a green lifestyle.

There are really simple ways to reduce your energy bills. Making a few changes to the house can really help you to reduce your energy bills. Below, are a few tips on saving your energy consumption.

1. Replace your high energy consuming appliances

You can save up to $200 monthly on energy bills simply by switching to energy smart appliances. The appliances that use most energy are the high wattage appliances such as your washer, dryer, electric heater, electric ovens, iron, electric water heater, microwave ovens, room heaters and so on. If you have old appliances in your house, just by replacing them with new energy saving appliances can do the trick. This also goes for the light bulbs. The new gas filled light bulbs can produce more light than the older high wattage bulbs but uses almost one-third of the energy. They also tend to last longer than the normal bulbs. So if you replace three of your traditional light bulbs with the energy saving ones, you will be using only one-third of the energy while getting the same amount of light from them.


2.Replace your old windows with energy efficient ones

If you have older wood windows in your house, by replacing them with modern energy efficient windows, you will be able to save a significant amount on your heating and cooling bills. Because of the high insulation qualities of these windows, they keep the air in your room unaffected by the outside weather, and so you stay cool in summer and warm in the winter. Many people replace their old windows for the looks without realizing that they are also saving on energy bills. The same goes with your siding and insulation on the walls. If you replace your old aluminum or steel siding on the outside walls with vinyl siding with added Tyvek house wrap insulation, you will keep your house better insulated and save on energy bills.


3. Installing motion sensors to turn lights on and off

If you have old motion sensors that turn on when you walk in you can use the same switches around your house. It will turn on and off by itself and save you on energy bills. This is especially useful when people come into the house with their hands full and are not able to turn the light switch on or off or if they forget to turn off the lights when they leave. The light switches stay a lot cleaner as well this way. Remembering to turn off all your appliances, lights, heat and air-conditioning in your house when you leave will also save on your utility bills.


4. Replacing electric meters with smart meters

The traditional meters need someone from the utility company to come and take the reading. But with the smart meters, the data from your meter gets sent directly to the company with a data logging system. By analyzing the data from a smart meter you are able to figure out which time of the day you are using the most of your energy and so you will be able to determine when to and how you should change your energy consumption habits to save money on bills. The electric company usually charges you more money during the peak hours, so you should avoid using your heavy duty equipment during that time.


5. Changing the thermostat and heating and cooling systems with energy efficient ones

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This might take some spending money but if you replace your old heating and cooling systems in your house with energy efficient ones, change the ventilation systems, replacing the ducts and change your thermostat, you will see a significant change in your energy bills. By installing a climate control thermostat in your house, you can save on your utility bills significantly. There are programmable thermostats available in the market that keeps the room temperature constant by adjusting the power of your heating or cooling systems.

Ok, so there you go. Try some of the ideas given above and see how they work with your utility bills. You can also help Mother Nature by switching to Eco-friendly products. If we all do a little, together we can do a lot.

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