Green Cleaning tips – Making sustainable living easier

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Green Cleaning tips – Making sustainable living easier

Here’s an idea to kill several birds with one stone. Did you know that cleaning your house also relieves stress? Keeping your house spotless has many benefits, and so here are a few tips on cleaning your house the eco-friendly way that not only helps you become stress free in life but also makes for a more sustainable environment.

In this blog we will discuss some viable ways of implementing “green-cleaning”, or making green choices, in our daily lives to make sustainable living easier for all of us.

Eco-friendly house cleaning

5802356648_c1ffea8da7Conventional cleaning products that we are familiar with contain petroleum based solution in them which has negative health and environmental side effects. Environmentally friendly cleaning products are now more common in the market and have become cheaper and better. As people become more environmentally conscious, so do the businesses that make these products.

Many of us use several things available in the market for cleaning your belongings such as your house or car. You might be using chemical based products for cleaning glass, chrome on your car, leather furniture, or the jewelry that you wear. We are going to show you some alternative, sustainable ways of cleaning your personal belongings that are totally safe for the environment.

Cleaning your silver jewelry


If you like to wear silver jewelry on a regular basis, you will find that sweat, dust, and other pollutants from air can build up on your jewelry and make them appear dull. Commercial silver polish in the market contains harsh toxic chemicals and may harm the environment as well as your hands when you use them. You can use the following method of cleaning your jewelry which is totally safe and natural. You can use the method described below to clean any of your silverware and give them the shine they originally had when you bought them.


Dish washing liquid, Baking soda, a toothbrush, a skillet, aluminum foil.

Step 1 – Wash your jewelry:


First thing you would want to do is remove all dirt and oil build up on your jewelry. You can use any dish washing liquid and a soft brush for this purpose. An old toothbrush works fine. Wash your jewelry with soapy water and rinse them off.

Step 2 – Take a skillet and line it with aluminum foil:

Fill it up with water making sure the skillet or pot you take is big enough for your jewelry to submerge completely in water.

Step.3 – Add two spoons full of baking soda and stir it well.

If you have a bigger item, you may have to add more baking soda. There is no exact amount of baking soda for the solution that you need to worry about, you may add up to a half a cup of baking soda in the water.

Step 4Bring the solution to a boil and remove it from the stove top

Submerge your silver jewelry in the hot solution. Make sure that your jewelry touches the bottom of the aluminum foil. Keep it in the hot water for few minutes, moving it around occasionally with a tong. You should start to see the water turning a shade of light yellowish brown.

Step 5 – Pick up your jewelry and rinse it off with a dry clean cloth

magicpeople-europe-tour-969333-hBuff your jewelry with a clean cloth until all tarnish comes off. Your silver jewelry should start to shine again as new.

More and more people today are becoming ecologically conscious. It’s not only a passion but also a necessity. Looking back at the human civilization, we realize that we have been exploiting the benefits and resources of the world for hundreds of years and now the time has come to undo our negative impacts on the globe.

Keep reading our blogs and in our later blog posts you will find more homemade cleaning solutions and recipes that you can make from scratch and use to clean your homes.

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