Green Living – Tips for Choosing Solar Panels

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Green Living – Tips for Choosing Solar Panels

Investing in a solar panel might seem like an exhilarating experience indeed but do not get too carried away by all the advertisements! It is essential to concentrate on the most crucial aspects of buying a solar panel for your home. It is definitely a substantial investment, and you’ll be utilizing its benefits for a long time to come, which is why some thought must go into choosing the right one.

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Let’s dive right in and check out the top tips for choosing the right solar panels!


Recommendations from friends and family who have installed solar PV systems go a long way in making the right decision. Get them to share their experience when they first bought a solar panel. That will alert you to the possible issues that might arise when you make the purchase, and you’ll be able to avoid them.


This holds true for all kinds of solar panels. The solar panel certifications are essential as they verify the kind of testing that they have been subjected to. Some certifications are a result of self-assessment while there are others that go through a series of testing by independent laboratories. Always verify the certifications to ascertain the company’s credibility before making the purchase.

Manufacturer’s warranty

It is imperative to consider the types of guarantees and warranties that are being offered by the manufacturer. Reputable manufacturers usually offer a warranty for a substantial period (as long as twenty-five years), which is a long enough time for the panels to pay for themselves and for you to make a profit out of it. Hence, it is recommended to go for known and reputed brands instead of ones without any sort of track record.

Sidestep salespeople

Be smart and avoid getting pressurized by overenthusiastic and persistent salespersons. Do not make impulsive decisions and take time to consider their offer before taking out the cash. You can always seal the deal the next day if their proposal seems good enough.

Personal Requirement

You need to assess the approximate amount of electricity that you need the solar panels for. Some people only connect appliances that require more electricity, like water heaters, to solar panels. Others may wish to run the entire house on the electricity generated by solar panels. Define your needs clearly.This will help you shortlist the available solar panels based on their specifications.


Once you have a thorough understanding of your needs, you will be clear about the efficiency of solar panels that you require. Efficiency is nothing but the percentage of electricity generated by the solar panels compared to the solar energy captured. Like most products in the market, higher the efficiency of solar panels, higher is their cost.


You need to set a budget for the solar panel requirement of your home.  Your needs, efficiency of the solar panel and it’s cost; all these factors are inter-related. You need to strike the right balance in order to get just the right solar panels. While low-quality solar panels may not be as efficient as the ones that cost higher, if your requirement is getting fulfilled in the electricity they produce, you’re all set! While most high-end solar panels are quite expensive, do pay attention to all the above factors as well. Higher prices do not always mean a better product (not necessarily fulfilling your needs anyway).

Investing in solar panels is a long-term thing.This makes it even more important to make the right first decision so that you get value for your money. Basically, if you assess your requirements accurately, you cannot go wrong with the purchasing. Moreover, the experiences of your friends/family, being aware of the right certifications required and carefully evaluating the efficiencies of your shortlisted products will help you make this crucial long-term investment, a successful one.

Sunil Rathi

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Sunil Rathi
Director- sales & marketing
WAAREE Energies Ltd 



Mr. Sunil Rathi is an assiduous, inquisitively power electronics engineer with an exceptional Sales and Marketing knowledge backed by a degree of MBA. He has a robust record of expertise acquired over 24 years in Solar Energy and Power Electronics Industry. His proven strategic vision facilitated by the firm establishment of the brand and himself as a stalwart in the solar industry.

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11 Responses to “Green Living – Tips for Choosing Solar Panels”

  1. Hey dear, Thanks for your awesome article. I think as a solar panels expert, everybody can follow my top-notch 3 tips to choose a right solar panel.

    1. Determine solar panel efficiency and compare to an industry average of 16-18%.

    2. Check solar panel manufacturer warranties against the industry average of 10-25 years.

    3. Compare the cost to relative efficiency – efficiency is important, but the most efficient panels aren’t always the best value.

    Hope these will be worth easy ways to choose a solar panel for home.

  2. this tips are really great. thanks for sharing this with all…

  3. Great ideas shared in this article. Solar systems are a great way to generate and supply electricity or hot water that is clean, natural and renewable. Thank you heap for this post.

  4. Kevin Miller says:

    Suggestions are best part to get best deal on the solar panels moreover you can get recommendations from anywhere where you like beside this if you want to do best solar site selection then you need to consider various things in mind as these things are necessary to be moreover you can take help from engineer to choose it as they will guide you in right direction.

  5. Hi, Sunil Rathi! At first, take my thanks for a wonderful informative site which is really very useful. I’m also interested in the ‘Solar panel’.I’m following you from the last 2 months. I wish in future you will post more tips for us.

  6. Hi, Sunil Rathi! At first, take my thanks for a wonderful informative site which is really very useful. I’m also interested in the ‘Solar panel’.I’m following you from the last 2 months. I wish in future you will post more tips for us.

  7. Wow, it’s really a green living tips. In this post I find a lot of information that’s I am looking for. Honestly say that you made my day. Thanks for everything.

  8. I am very thankful that you shared some amazing tips about the solar system. Your blog Green Living – Tips for Choosing Solar Panels is very impressive for us. Keep posting such blogs. Waiting for more amazing blogs here. Keep posting.

  9. This is very informative! The sun is one of the best source for alternative energy, thankfully,solar panels are invented so we can take advantage of the energy that the sun brings.

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