5 Home Improvement Tips for a Greener Home

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5 Home Improvement Tips for a Greener Home

A green home is an energy-efficient home that is good for us. It not only improves our environment but also keeps us healthy in many ways. Below are 5 home improvement tips to make your home greener.

What does it mean to make your home greener? A green home means an environmentally friendly home. It’s designed in a sustainable way, using environmentally friendly materials, conserves energy and it also benefits the health of the dwellers.

A greener home will immediately start to show its benefits when you get your utility bills. It’s not only immediate benefits but also consider the long term benefits. A greener home will improve your indoor or outdoor environment, improving your air quality.

Your green home could have solar panels, indoor plants, backyard garden, which will supply you healthy food. Indoor and outdoor gardens can also generate an extra income for you, on top of the tax cuts and the long term health care expenses that you’d be saving!

Inspect Your Home

If you’ve bought a new home, or own an old home that wasn’t certified by any environmental agencies, you might want to inspect your house first, before you start working on it. You need to know and plan for some construction work, maybe you need to replace some of your faulty wirings, need some new electrical works, fixtures, plumbing or you may have to better seal your house.

But you’ll have to look around and inspect your house. Consider getting an energy efficiency audit done by a professional to determine what areas of the home need improvement and by how much.

Below are 5 tips for a greener home

Tip # 1 Seal Your Home:


If you tightly sealed your home, it would automatically improve energy efficiency. Sealing all the leaks would ensure that no energy would be lost throughout your walls for both heating and cooling. Also, ensure that your house is not leaking any water through faulty plumbing.

Seal around doors and windows, tape and seal around all ducts and ventilation. Also check your basement, attic, and insulation, including your siding, external house wrap, or insulation inside your walls. You may need caulk or spray foam for sealing leaks around the windows or doors.

Tip #2: Replace Your Doors and Windows:

Windows made today are more energy-efficient. They have a higher “R” value or energy efficiency rating compared to old, leaky windows. Energy-efficient windows have double panes filled with gas that insulate the house better. It’s also eligible for tax deductions!

Tip #3: Energy Efficient Appliances:

If you have old appliances that use more energy, you might want to replace your old appliances with energy-efficient ones. Check your ducts and ventilation. Also, check your heating and cooling system. It might be smart to invest in a new energy-efficient heating and cooling system, or water heater. High-efficiency appliances can really bring your energy costs down.

Tip #4: Indoor Plants:

Plants help us in many ways. They help us improve our mood, reduce stress, and most importantly, they improve indoor air quality. Plants keep us cool, supply us with fresh oxygen and filter indoor air to give you a cool and fresh environment. Planting outdoor trees or gardens will equally shade your house, improve the environment, and can also become a source of income! (if you consider home-based farming.)

Tip #5: Use the Power of the Sun & Wind:

solar-panels-944000_1280Energy never has to be expensive nor dirty. We no longer have to depend on dirty fossil fuels or national grid for our energy needs. Many people are finding ways to power their homes through renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind or water current. Power of the sun and wind is abundant in many parts of the world. Adding a windmill, solar panels or a solar water heater to your house can reduce your electric bills.

The less energy and resources you use, the more environmentally friendly you become. If you save energy, the fewer fossils fuels will be burned, reducing the carbon emission and greenhouse effects that result from that. Make the effort to conserve energy and resources any way you can, in your everyday life.

We can all make sustainable choices in what we do. By making those choices, we not only save money, but we also make this planet greener. To learn more, please subscribe to our blogs. You can also find our latest blogs on our Facebook page.

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Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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