How to Create a Herb Garden in Your Balcony – Some Quick Tips

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How to Create a Herb Garden in Your Balcony – Some Quick Tips

Are you an ardent garden lover? However, you have limited space at your home. So you are planning to create a herb garden in your balcony, isn’t it? Well, truly speaking, I just love herb gardens.

A small balcony, with a few pot and your favorite herbs, that green view is just so amazing for the eyes. You can grow any herb in your balcony garden. Nevertheless, the growth of your greens depends on the sunlight, space, and weather.

Well, I saw that some of the herbs, in particular, have good growth if you place them in a small place to grow. Some annual herbs like fennel, basil, dill, parsley, chive, etc and some perennial herbs like oregano, sage, thyme, lavender etc. are perfect for any balcony. You need to find a container. Take care when you are potting soil, choose the right kind of fertilizers and make your balcony garden.



What do you need to grow your balcony herb garden?

Let us see what you need to grow your fancy herb garden on the balcony.


In the beginning, there are elements that you need to grow your herb garden on a balcony. The most important is your choice of pots. Before potting soil, choose large wooden planters, chests or crates to plant your herb.

You can also grow them in small pots made of clay, as they are more natural. Plastic pots are also in use these days due to their flexibility, and very light in weight. The ceramic pots are for those who want to make their garden look prettier. However, choice of pots depends on the budget and size of your balcony. Whatever pots you choose, make sure it has holes for proper drainage.

Potting Soil

After you have selected the pots for your herb garden, buy a suitable potting soil to grow your veggies. Buy the same size bag of potting soil as the pot that you are going to use. The choice of potting soil is a great factor when you grow your own herb garden.

Buying Herbs

Buy your herbs from a garden center. Do not go to a supermarket as they keep the plants under fluorescent lights and once you bring them home, they will not be growing naturally and will perish soon than expected.

Small Greenhouse

Buy a small greenhouse for the winter season to protect your plant during the harsh weather.


You can use manure, organic composts to grow healthy herb gardens.

Step-by-Step Ways to Grow your Herb Garden

  1. After you have bought a ready-made herb from the garden center, it is now important to plant them.
  2. Place the pot in the position of the balcony where it can receive full sunlight or light partial shade. A south facing, southeast or south-west facing balconies are best to grow herb gardens.  Never choose a shady place as it is bad to grow your garden there.
  3. You need to place the potting soil in the container and plant the desirable herb.
  4. The sun and the wind, dry out your plants quickly, so your herb garden needs frequent watering after potting soil in it, especially if your balconies face south. Generally, herbs are tolerant to a temporary shortage of water. However, herbs growing in pots are more sensitive to waterlogged soil and dry soil. To stop this, regular water the herbs after potting soil in it.
  5. After you place the potting soil, you need to add fertilizers. You do not need to fertilize the herbs frequently. You need to use natural fertilizers and spread them once or twice in a year and let your plants get nutrition gradually. Keep adding organic matters, manure, and composts, as it helps the plants to have micronutrients from the soil by the growth of microorganisms.
  6. You need to rotate the plants according to the season. The urban balcony generally stays warm, but in case you do not live in an excessive cold climate, you need to care your herb more to protect from freezing weather. In such case, you can use a greenhouse to protect the herb garden.
  7. If you live in a warmer climate, keep the plants in shade to save them from scorching rays of the sun.
  8. However, you can grow herbs in a pot, but there are plants like oregano or mint, which requires plenty of space. Therefore, you need to plant them smartly.
  9. Your herb garden needs regular pruning to grow green foliage and prevent from seeding. I will prefer that you trim your plants on the sunny days and before noon. You can cut the bloom with the scissor to prevent seeding.
  10. Wait until the plant is mature and ready to harvest. Never harvest more than one-third and wait for the rest one-third to grow.


I hope that you have enjoyed this guide. If you are interested in creating your herb garden in your balcony, choose a perfect herb from the garden center, buy potting soil, fertilizers and get started. You need to choose the hardy varieties and companion plants and try to find their heirloom varieties that will sustain for a long time. Light is the key to balcony garden. Position your pots to maximize sunlight and use a container for good drainage. Please share your garden photos or feedback or maybe any extra DIY tips to grow a healthy herb garden in balconies.

Author: Ann Katelyn

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