How To Improve Staff Retention In Your Business

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How To Improve Staff Retention In Your Business

A business is only as good as the staff it hires, and whether they remain loyal to the firm can be quite telling of the company’s future. 

Unfortunately, many people are finding their jobs at risk these days, and for many people, the decision to stay or go is out of their control. However, staff retention should always be the priority, even when a pandemic isn’t ripping through the country. Experience is what keeps your business afloat, and workers you can fully depend on need to be in plentiful supply. 

Therefore, here’s how to better staff retention in your business. 

Employee Benefits

A great way to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd is by introducing appealing employee benefits. 

These schemes involve things like flexible working hours, working from home schemes, insurance policies, and more. They all attract many different types of talent to a role, and those who stick the landing will be incentivised to remain with a company that is open-minded and flexible about how the work gets done. It can also show a firm’s compassionate side, which is always a plus too! 

Employee benefits are the domain of your HR staff, and any way to make managing all of these moving parts easier should be of great interest to you. To get the upper hand in this arena, visit They provide an employee benefits platform that’s easy to manage and access, maximising your company’s efficiency. Technology often provides a handy workaround for the tedious side of the business, and the software from Zest Benefits is no exception. 

Offer Support

Everyone is deserving of some level of empathy and respect, and businesses must not lose sight of that fact when it comes to their employees. 

Sometimes people can take workers for granted, and workplace stress, anxiety, and depression has increased significantly in recent years to startling levels, with 828,000 new cases reported in 2019/20 alone. Obviously, this is a trend that cannot continue, not only for the sake of business retention rates but for the overall wellbeing of others as a priority. 

Businesses who go that extra mile to befriend their employees and humanise their processes will undoubtedly build both a loyal workforce and a comforting work culture. Open your channels of communication and make sure that everyone is heard, and that each concern is met with action. A caring and compassionate company will build real, robust working relationships, and not fleeting hires. 


Career Progression

Nobody wants to feel stagnant in their job role, and it’s down to you to make sure workers are sufficiently challenged and stimulated. 

One of the ways to do this is by offering numerous opportunities for career development. After all, professional growth is strongly desired by many workers out there, and it’s great for motivating them to push forward with their duties and excel in their roles. It tells them that the day-to-day grind isn’t fixed forever, and that exciting shakeups in their professional lives are yet to come. In other words, it’s hopeful!

Without the room to move around the business and take on new challenges – well, why should employees stick around? People change greatly throughout their lives, and their jobs should reflect that. 

Pay Rise 

A pay rise is inherent with a promotion, but they can also stand apart on their own also. 

Bonuses and bumps in a salary can show that employees are valued and appreciated. If there’s not room on the promotional ladder just yet, then you can keep appetites wet and ready with a shot of adrenaline to worker salaries. That way, not only do they get a bit of extra pay, but it can hint at something further down the line. 

Pay rises can be particularly effective if the worker has been offered a job elsewhere, and you’re raising their pay with the specific purpose to retain them. Fighting for their loyalty and what they have to offer is undoubtedly a big ego boost for them, so don’t shy away from flattering your workforce.

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