How to Quash Clutter and Clean Up Mother Earth

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How to Quash Clutter and Clean Up Mother Earth

We all have a stash of stuff we no longer need. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to allow excess bits and pieces become a full-blown clutter concern. Sadly, when we do go through these items, many of them simply get tossed into the trash. While this can eliminate your problem, it only compounds those of an already overstressed environment.

If you are ready to make a change to your lifestyle, keep reading. Below, we have a few tips that can help you become your own lean, green, clutter-eliminating machine.

Start with a clean sweep.

One of the quickest ways to clean up the clutter from around the house is to eliminate things that have absolutely no value. That stack of printed recipes stuck to your refrigerator? Toss them and bookmark the recipes on your phone. Kids’ clothes that are two sizes too small? Box them up for a weekend garage sale. As you go from room to room, you might be surprised at the amount of trash you’re holding onto.

Get a helping hand.

Even after you have eliminated refuse, cleaning a less-than-organized home is a big job. If you find yourself intimidated by the process, there is no shame in bringing in a professional maid service to give you the boost you need to stay on the right track. In Denver, a thorough house cleaning will run you anywhere from $116 up to $227. Make sure they are using (or are willing to use) natural, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and techniques. These should include using natural ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar, and microfiber cleaning cloths are always a plus.

Move your papers online.

During your cleaning endeavors, you’ll likely come across dozens of photographs and other necessities that you can’t quite part with. There really is no need to keep most of these items in their physical form. Online photo storage services, such as Amazon Prime Photos and Photobucket, are an excellent alternative to having boxes of photos stored in your basement collecting dust. Receipts, bills of sale, and similar documents may be scanned and stored on your computer. You will, however, need to hold onto hard copies of certain things, such as your vehicle title, marriage certificate, and birth certificate.

Recycle what you can.

If you did not already know, you can recycle large items such as cars, refrigerators, and other appliances. Doing so can keep a literal ton of waste from the landfill. Other large items, like bedding and computers, can be donated to charitable organizations or also recycled. As much as recycling the big stuff helps, you can have an even greater impact on mother nature by implementing an ongoing recycling system in your own home. Ecoscraps explains that rigid plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and even liquor bottles are all prime recycling materials. If you don’t have a recycling bin, Amazon sells one for under $10.

Adopt the one-touch rule.

We are saving the best for last when it comes to keeping your home organized. The one-touch rule has been touted by blogging moms and neat freaks worldwide since the beginning of the internet. But, what is it? It is simply the process of putting things away the first time you lay your hands on them. One example would be to put your clothes in the closet instead of laying them on the sofa once your laundry has been folded. It is such an obvious step that many people overlook it in the hustle and bustle of the day.

Keeping your home clean and clutter-free may require a lifestyle overhaul. But it is worth any inconveniences, especially when you proceed in a way that lessens your environmental impact and shrinks your carbon footprint. Keeping a tidy house is a win/win for you and the earth.

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