Meet the Team

Environmental Professionals Network operates in a “lean and mean” style, just as we encourage our members to do.  We have a relatively small dedicated staff, but an amazing leadership team of Founders who work tirelessly with a passion for EPN that would rival what any dedicated staff might exhibit. Here are some brief bios of this EPN leadership team:

Justin Lichter – World class adventurer and hiker. Passionate lover of the planet and its outdoor beauty.  Brilliant emerging environmental professional.

Joe Aiken – Veteran Environmental Professional with over 30 years of practical experience.  Has successfully directed hundreds of millions of dollars of projects mitigating contaminated properties all over the world.  Is a relatively new business owner and entrepreneur in the environmental industry – just the kind of member we know will benefit from EPN

Ann Wei Esq. – Veteran Environmental Attorney and professional.  Has provided business and legal guidance on many projects involving contaminated properties.  Also a new entrepreneur with a small environmental law practice.  Another excellent example of an EPN member.

John Nillen – Veteran marketing and sales professional who is making a move back into the environmental arena.  John was a coach and executive in professional basketball for over 20 years and successfully sold many environmental deals over a ten year period. He is passionate about the EPN concept and is a welcome Founder.

Dr. Wayne Dorband – Pioneer in the environmental industry.  Founded hundred’s of companies in the industry including several that have become industry giants.  Currently is passionate about leading young entrepreneurs into the industry and sees EPN as the vehicle to blaze a new trail.