Network Of Environmental Professionals For Businesses

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Network Of Environmental Professionals For Businesses

We often hear about global issues such as global warming, carbon emissions, sea level rise, sudden climatic changes, and so on, being talked about today. These issues are as relevant today as they were a decade ago. But the businesses are taking global issues more seriously now than ever before and there is a good reason for that. The world population today is about 7.13 billion and according to the UNO, it is going to rise up to 8 billion by 2030. The good news is that about 3 billion people will come out of poverty and join the middle class by 2030, making the number of middle class to 5 billion. This would also mean that we will be facing new challenges to tackle the resource scarcity issues.

With industrialization and urbanization there are other issues such as carbon emission and energy shortages associated. More and more people will live their lives based on the cities, and there will be a large number of cities around the world having over a million or more people living in them. It is estimated that the global temperature will rise up to 3 degrees in the next decade, and all the problems that we are having today globally are only due to a one or one and half degree rise in the global temperature.

Considering the global situations and world trend today, sustainability has become a “must do” for all business, and it is no longer an option which was “nice to do” before, for some businesses. What businesses do today is going to have an impact on the sustainability of environment in the future, and it is now a concern for government as well as environmentalists around the world.

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Why Sustainable businesses

If you ask the common customers, they will all agree that they care about sustainability, and so, they are already doing their part by shifting towards environmentally safe products and eco-friendly products. The people around the world are more conscious about environmental issues today than ever before, and so, the shift towards sustainable products is not only an option, but has become necessary.

We know that all customers care about sustainability in their everyday activities. They also want sustainability to be easy, attractive, affordable, and beneficial for them. This is where businesses can help. Once the business adapt to sustainable strategies, the demand for sustainable goods and services will only increase.

Companies like IBM and Microsoft, already worked towards sustainability when they produced machines that could save paper. Emailing over the internet and saving data on central databases reduced the need for huge paper based files, and filing cabinets.

Corporate employeeIf you think about the early sustainable products, the most common products that come into your mind would be the eco-friendly detergents, the light bulbs or the recycled toilet papers, and none of them worked very well in their early stages. The recycled toilet paper used to be rough, the light bulb took five minutes to warm up and gave a sickly color, and the detergent made your whites greyer. Sustainable products have come a long way since then, and today, the eco-friendly products work just as great as the products made by conventional method. Businesses can now produce products that are sustainable, attractive, functional, and beautiful all at the same time.

Why Environmental Professionals Network for business?

Businesses today have already recognized the need for sustainability. The Environmental Professionals Network can help businesses have a positive impact on the environment. Some of the companies are already working through the sustainability strategies with the help of EPN.

What will the Environmental Professionals Network do for businesses?

environmental professionals networkThe Environmental Professionals Network are a group of environmentalists with a vast knowledge in the industry to address any environmental issues that any business is faced with today, whether it involves a business facility, that requires a Phase – 1 assessment, an industry that needs government approval to start business, or a farmer with low budget who is looking for ways to minimize cost and maximize profits. The EPN has set new standers for other environmentalists, and worked with ASTM to make these standards global recommendations for assessments and testing.

EPN can also identify and work on the areas where a company needs improvement to reduce global impact. There are many regulations by government agencies as well as legal issues associated with businesses that businesses need to know and comply with. The EPN professionals can help all business to stay in compliance with the legal issues as well as government agencies.

The environmental industry is rapidly evolving and changing the business the way they operate. It is wise for any business to consult the Environmental Professionals Network instead of hiring and training their own employees to tackle the task of the environmentalists on their own.


Ways we can help our environment

When it comes to saving the environment, both the consumers and producers have an active role towards sustainability. It is not only how the product impacts the environment, but also the raw materials, the production of the products that needs to be taken under consideration.

1. Use energy efficient appliances

Using appliances and products that save energy can reduce the energy consumption, carbon emission, and reduce the energy costs. Shifting towards energy star products, energy saving light bulbs, and so on can significantly save the fossils and address the energy crisis of the world.

2. Use practices that save energy

Using energy saving practices in our daily lives, such as using the public transportation whenever possible, driving smaller cars, checking the emission of the automobiles regularly, turning off lights, heat and air-conditioning whenever we leave the house,  can all add up to sustainability.

3. Minimize energy wastage

Wasting energy is one of the worst crimes that we are guilty of. By minimizing waste, we can all save a lot of energy together in the long run. We can minimize waste by insulating our houses better, replacing our old windows and doors with energy star doors and windows that save energy, replacing appliances that use too much energy or that are faulty or that has leakage with new energy efficient appliances, changing your old thermostat with digital programmable thermostat can all add up and save you energy.

4. Recycle

Using recycled products and using recycled materials to produce new goods and services can also contribute to saving energy and resources. Not only the producers, but we, as the consumers need to look into using more products with recycled materials. The same goes for products of our everyday use, products such as glass, metal goods, plastic, paper, all can be recycled and can add up the savings. Instead of throwing away in the garbage, we can save and recycle them to minimize mining and cutting down trees.

There are many people who still need to be convinced about the benefits of sustainability. We see people using illegal practices, like negative forestry, or using environmentally hazardous practices to profit from their business. We would like to inform all of them that the practices that impact the globe negatively are the ones that tend to destroy our own existence and sustainability for the future, in a way; we are destroying ourselves, if we do not become aware now and act towards sustainability together by making a simple choice.


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