Occupational Safety Health Management & Environmental Industry

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Occupational Safety Health Management & Environmental Industry

When it comes to safety and health, many companies put environmental issues at top priority today, especially companies related to oil, gas or any other job dealing with hazardous materials. It is important to become literate about Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues and standards of such industries which are inherently hazardous.


Workplace health and safety concerns

workplace safety managementIt is extremely important to have a safe and healthy workplace environment, and therefore experts in this area are often sought by companies. It is not only government regulation but also a major concern for most companies for welfare of the workers to ensure that proper safety and health procedures are being followed. This is where a health and safety engineer plays a major role. A safety engineer must have vast knowledge about health and safety issues, and must know about potential risks associated with the industry, including occupational psychology and risk management.

Specializing in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management

Many companies today think about workplace safety and health of the employees equally important as providing quality goods and services to the consumers, and so, they usually have occupational health and safety managers or consultants working for the company. The EHS, SHE, or HSE departments are responsible for environmental health and safety. They are both responsible for keeping the workplace safe for the employees during the normal operation and reducing incidence or accidents due to abnormal operating conditions.

occupational safety professionalsSafety health and environmental managers are specialized personnel who must prevent potential hazards such as fire explosions and release of hazardous substances into the work area or environment. The job of environmental managers is also to reduce negative impact and carbon footprint of the company on the environment. They must also prevent development of workplace related illnesses among workers. There are certain regulatory requirements from the safety and health departments and agencies, as well as health and environmental safety managers.

Specializing in occupational safety, health and environmental management will put you in the market for several industries that require a workplace safety, health and environmental manager. It has become necessary for many companies to comply with the ISO standards for occupational health and safety, and so, the need for occupational safety and health managers is also high.

Jobs for Safety, Health and Environmental specialists

occupational safety professionalsMany companies seek Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Officers to be a part of their team to develop, co-ordinate and monitor all safety, environmental and health policies, activities and procedures so as to ensure conformity with all relevant government agency requirement, legal aspects and requirements of the company. It is the job of the environmental specialists in a company to continuously develop new ideas to better protect the safety and health of the employees, as well as review and implement better health and safety standards within the company. They must also identify, prevent and eliminate procedures related to health and safety hazards, take preventive and corrective measures, and report them to the higher management.

How to become an environmental and safety manager

To become an environmental and safety manager, you must first acquire the skills and training needed to become a safety engineer. Usually a degree in safety engineering is needed from any reputed four year college that offers a bachelor’s degree in safety engineering. A degree in environmental science is also helpful, and sometimes a requirement also for safety managers and engineers. There are also many online institutes where you can earn a safety engineering and environmental management degree very easily. If you search for the best schools in your area, you will surely find an institute suitable for you.

What jobs to expect with environmental science degree

safety professionalsThe job market for environmental scientists is very bright. Some of the best jobs today in the USA are related to environmental science. The field of environmental science has grown above average and has been recognized as a specialized field of engineering. The jobs for an environmental scientist will be favorable even more in the next decade and the outlook for this occupation is even wider. The need for environmental scientists is now increasing in every sector of industry including government agencies, schools, and private sectors for internal regulatory and research works.

Perusing a career in environmental safety and management could be the right choice for you if you are passionate about the environment and safety of workplace. The environmental science is an ever growing field which is more relevant today than it ever was. The new generation of environmentalists is expected to make the right choices and take right actions to save our planet and build a better sustainable environment fort the future.

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  1. A really interesting and detailed post. I completely agree that is is very important to know about Health, Safety and Environmental issues. Do you think there are still some businesses that are not compliant? It will be interesting to see how the developing environmental science will affect Occupational Safety Health Management.

    • Sadly there will always be some companies who don’t prioritize workplace health & safety. Absolutely, the more we learn about how working environment affects our individual health and that of our natural environment, we hope there will be more laws and employer initiated changes.

  2. I totally agree with the concept of “occupational health and safety “, as it is not only beneficial for employees but also beneficial for the employers. Instead of paying to any other healthcare organization why not to allow own healthcare onsite clinic.Thanks for sharing in detail.


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