Small Space For a Garden? DIY Garden in a Mint Tin

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Small Space For a Garden? DIY Garden in a Mint Tin

With endless hours to fill during quarantine, many people in small homes and apartments had to get creative. While people with large yards and country homes were able to plant gardens, people in smaller dwellings struggled.

This experience reignited a passion for creating indoor and miniature gardens. Here’s how you can create a DIY garden in a mint tin.

What You’ll Need for Your Garden

To create a DIY mint tin garden, you’ll need:

  • a mint tin with a lid
  • soil
  • small gravel or river rocks for drainage
  • seeds or sprouts
  • a drill or hammer and nails
  • miniature decor (optional)

Creating a DIY mint tin garden is quick, easy, and affordable. You can purchase small packets of seeds and soil and make numerous miniature gardens. Use these to decorate various rooms in your home or give them as gifts. 

Choosing Plants for Your Garden

The biggest challenge of creating a miniature garden is choosing the right plants. You’ll need to choose a plant with shallow roots that thrives indoors or is hardy enough to endure restricted growth.

One of the most common combinations for miniature gardens is succulents and cacti. These plants tend to do well in desert settings and require minimal attention to thrive. Cacti and succulents also have shallow roots, enabling them to grow well in a mint tin.

You can also propagate cuttings from other indoor plants, such as a dragon tree or snake plant. These are great options if you want to change your garden regularly to incorporate new plants and arrangements.

Many indoor gardeners like making a more functional garden by incorporating herbs they’ll use in the kitchen. Lemon mint is a fantastic option for creating a miniature mojito mint tin garden and fits the theme of the vessel. Other herbs like chives, thyme, and cilantro also grow well in small containers.

Choosing Soil for Your Garden

The most important aspect of choosing soil for your mint tin garden is drainage. Using soil with inadequate drainage makes your plants more susceptible to root rot if they’re overwatered. As there’s limited space within the tin, it’s easy to accidentally overwater your plants.

Cactus mix is the best soil for a miniature garden. This soil tends to have a higher ratio of sand, which reduces absorption. Potting soil that contains high levels of peat moss will also work well, as it helps break up sandy soil and promotes better drainage. 

Avoid perlite and vermiculite, which are better for high-humidity plants that need to retain moisture. As many of the plants that thrive in shallow soil (like succulents) are prone to root rot, these types of potting soil will kill your garden.

How to Make a Mint Tin Garden

Once you have all the materials gathered for your garden, you can start to bring your vision to life. 

Start by taking the lid off your mint tin and setting it aside. Then, using a drill or a hammer and nail, puncture holes through the bottom of the tin for drainage. Do not put holes in the lid, as this will act as your catching tray for excess water and prevent spills from your miniature garden.

After the holes are in place, flip the tin back over and add some river rocks or small gravel for enhanced drainage. You’ll just want a thin layer at the bottom of the tin.

Cover the rocks with soil, making small indentations for your seeds or sprouts. When starting seeds from scratch in a mint tin garden, less is more. Allow for space to root and bloom. When transplanting sprouts into your garden, you’ll still want to leave a bit of space for future growth.

If you’re feeling creative, you can add miniature decor elements like garden signs, tools, or even a doll-sized bench. Use spare gravel to create a faux walking path in your garden for a whimsical piece of living art.

When you’ve created an arrangement you like, flip the lid upside down and secure it to the bottom of the tin. Lightly water your new garden and set it somewhere safe.

Other Tips for Small Space Gardening

There are plenty of options for creating miniature gardens beyond mint tins. You can create a small space garden in a teacup, old colander, or lightbulb. If you create a tiny garden in a vessel that doesn’t have drainage holes, add gravel or river rocks beneath the soil to let water flow away from the roots. 

Explore this hobby further by creating zen gardens with stones and sand, miniature forests, and experimenting with bonsai work. Get creative and try different things with your mint tin gardens.

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