Sustainable Moving – Think Outside the Box

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Sustainable Moving – Think Outside the Box

We just moved our CEED and Nourish The Planet headquarters to a new location. We moved from the Warehouse in Loveland to our nearby Mountain Sky Ranch property in the foothills next to Loveland (Berthoud, CO). Our workplace has been at Mountain Sky Ranch since August 1 2004. Our new property is much larger than the old one, so much to that we need to ride bikes between different areas on the ranch. When people move out of an old house or office to a new one, they are often tempted to toss their old stuff into a dumpster. It is important to plan your move so that you are able to recycle and reuse most of your unwanted stuff before you move.

During a move, a lot of stuff gets sent to the landfill, but if you are able think outside the box, you will be able to make most out of your move. Planning your move ahead and allowing plenty of time to sort through your stuff can easily save a lot of land fill space, energy, and raw materials through recycling, reusing, and rebuilding your old stuff.

Before you move

sign-292311. Recycle: Before you move, clean out your house and gather all the stuff that can be recycled. You can find a real simple recycling guide to recycling anything from wire hangers to old keys to old electrical appliances at How to Recycle Anything –

2. Sell your stuff: Gather all the stuff that can be sold in a garage sale or yard sell. If you cannot find use for something, let someone else use it instead.

3. Donate: I am sure you will find local thrift stores or charitable agencies around your neighborhood where you can donate your unwanted items.

Sustainable moving

You should also be environmentally friendly when you are packing up and moving. There are ways you can use environmentally friendly packaging materials such as using boxes made from recycled paper or bubble wraps made with biodegradable materials instead of plastic. There are also alternatives to brown boxes such as rubber bins that you can easily fill up and slide across the floor. There are also ways to find reusable packing materials that do not produce waste. You can find Eco-Friendly, Green, Reusable Moving Boxes at Frogbox.

Moving requires plenty of time and energy. If you plan ahead of time, you may be able to conserve energy and do less harm to the environment while relocating.

Here are a few last minute tips for moving:Piano_Removals_In_Christchurch

1. Prepare: Prepare for moving as early as possible and use plenty of time to sort through and pack up your stuff.

2. Reduce: Separate all the stuff you no longer need and sell, donate, or recycle it.

3. Use recycled materials: Use materials made with recycled or reusable materials for packing or carrying your items to reduce waste. Get rubber bins or reusable boxes.

4. Choose a moving company: Make sure you choose the right movers for transportation and moving your stuff. The movers you choose need to be licensed and bonded. You can find a list of reliable movers at Moving Companies Superlist.

5. Rent a Van or truck: If you are moving yourself, look for a local Ryder or U-Haul.

6. Green cleaning: Use non toxic eco-friendly cleaning products when 640px-Uhaul_portsmouthcleaning your old or new home.

7. Make notifications: Send notifications to your utility companies, post office, and all the people you do your business with.

8. Change your utilities: Change your land line phone connections and cable services to your new location.

9. Pack plenty of food: Pack plenty of food and drinks for the road in a separate box.

10. Important documents and keys: Finally check for all important papers, documents, keys and credit cards and safely transport them.

Follow these tips and you will have a safer, smoother, and greener move. Moving is stressful, tiring, and energy consuming. Start early; reduce as much stuff as you can and move safely with all the help you can get.

P.S: – Please add your own tips in the comment box below.

Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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  1. Thanks for all the details. Moving is never easy, especially if it’s done hastily and without time to plan, which is the key to moving sustainably. Ideally, there’s plenty of time beforehand to plan every step of the process, allowing for a slower and more thoughtful approach.


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