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Christmas Wrapping Ideas – Save Trees Gift Wrap With Recycled Material

Christmas Wrapping Ideas – Save Trees Gift Wrap With Recycled Material

If you are looking for new ways to save trees and contribute to the greener planet? Recycling your Christmas gift wrapping paper and using recycled materials for gift wrapping can be a great idea to save trees. There are many eco-friendly methods that you can use to wrap your Christmas gifts this year. Here are some green ideas that save trees.

  • Recycle gift wraps:

I have found that many of us save their wrapping paper and reuse them to gift wrap new Christmas present. This is a great creative way to save paper and also money on Christmas wrapping paper. Every ton of paper you save saves 17 full grown trees. Not only that, it saves two barrels of oil, 7000 gallons of water, three cubic yards of landfill, and 4100 Kilo watt hours of electricity.

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  • Recycled paper gift wraps:

Many of us may not get excited about reusing old gift wrapping papers. In many occasions you want your gift to be wrapped perfectly with flawless wrapping paper, especially if it is for someone special. Not to worry, many of the companies today are on the green wagon and they are producing paper in sustainable methods. The paper made from recycled materials and waste look and feel exactly like paper made from fresh trees. About 37% of all paper sold in the market are made from recycled materials.

  • Reusable gift bags

gift bagsUsing gift bags to hide your gifts is another creative idea to save trees. There are several companies selling reusable 100% cotton made from recycled materials. Wrapping gifts with fabrics or gift bags make a great alternative to paper. With variety of different colors, it makes the gift giving a delight while saving trees.

  • Old calendars

If you use old calendars that you no longer need, it could be a colorful alternative to using gift wrapping paper because calendar pages are already colorful as well as large sheets of paper that you can easily use for gift wrapping. Once the calendars are old and outdated, no one will need them, so recycle them through grits.

  • Brown paper bags

brown paper giftYou can make good use of the brown paper bags that you got form your grocery store. When you shop for Christmas, save your bags and you will be able to decorate your brown paper bags in variety of colors. Think about all the large sheets of paper we can collect form our everyday activities such as newspapers, old maps and brown shopping bags or other colorful bags that you get from the supermarket.

By recycling gift wraps, using recycled paper for wrapping or using alternative methods of gift wrapping, we can save a huge amount of paper. Three are also a large number of wrapping bows, and ribbons wasted every year which can easily save and recycled through sustainable methods as well. You can also find many materials around your home that can be used as wrapping materials. Just shifting from the big box stores to the recycled stores can make a big difference.


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