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Current Global Issue – 10 Most Endangered Species of Animals

Current Global Issue – 10 Most Endangered Species of Animals

In this article we have selected top ten most endangered species of animals around the world. Picking the top 10 species of endangered animals among thousands of endangered species today is really a difficult task because for every species of animal that we choose, there would be hundreds of other species left out, which are just as much at risk of facing extinction.

You can imagine the intensity of negative impacts we are putting on the globe. As we have discussed in our earlier blogs that the ecosystem is an interdependent community of living and non living components, and every organism or element in the ecosystem play a very important role for the ecosystem to function right. Therefore, how well our eco-system performs depends on the number of components or species present in the ecosystem. It is very important that all species remain and function in the eco-system and maintain a biodiversity.

Mother Nature has perfected a balance in the ecosystem over millions of years which we humans are putting at jeopardy with our man made disturbances. IN order for the eco-system to perform well, all living components, such as animals, birds, insects, microorganisms, plants, and other living things must be left to interact with each other with themselves as well as with other non living components such as air, water, soil, etc. The interaction between these components is connected through a food chain or energy flow in the ecosystem. Below we have top 10 endangered species of animals around the world.

Top 10 endangered species of animals around the world


1. The Giant Panda

Panda1Giant panda is probably the most talked about endangered species among the animal conservationists around the world. Giant pandas are bears living in the forests of central China. They are well tree climbers and are recognized by their black furry body, white fur on their face, and black patches on its eyes and ears.

Diet:  Although giant panda’s digestive system is a carnivorous type, whey will eat bamboo shoots. However, they get very little energy and protein by eating bamboo shoots, and so must consume as much as 45 pounds of bamboo shoot every day. They are also known to eat flowers, rodents, grasses, corn, and honey.

 Habitat: They are now only found in the mountains of Central China.

Population: The estimated number of wild Giant Pandas left in the world is 2,000.

2. Ivory Billed Woodpecker

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