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Top Paying Green Jobs for Environmental Professionals

Top Paying Green Jobs for Environmental Professionals

Looking for a job in the environmental field? If you have an environmental study background or want to be a part of the green movement of today, you might consider applying for some of these top paying environmental professionals’ jobs.

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Prospects Of Environmental Science Profession & Environmental Studies

Prospects Of Environmental Science Profession & Environmental Studies

There have been various indications from many of the federal government agencies, including Dept. of Employment, Education and workplace relations that the job prospects in the environmental industry will increase in the next few years. Statistical data suggests that environmental scientists will be in higher demand and the jobs will grow strongly during the 2014-2017 period in the environmental science profession.


Environmental scientists’ facts

Looking back to 2000-2010, we see a trend in growth of employment in this occupation and the trend continues in the next decade. The data also shows that environmental scientists have a higher percentage of holding full time jobs above the average proportion of about 84%. The unemployment rates are below average, with earnings ratio above average working about 38.0 hours weekly.

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Need for environmental scientists

The need for environmental scientists is more relevant today than ever before. They are required across a number of different industries including Technical Professional, And Scientific Services; Safety and Public Administration Services, Gas, Water, Electricity, Electrical Appliances, Waste Management Services, Art and Entertainment, Recreation Facilities, automobile industry, electronics, and many more. There are a 5.9% of new job vacancies for environmental scientists each year.

What makes the environmental scientist job favorable

environmental professionals networkEnvironmental scientists are needed across many industries today. The mix of several industries makes the employment of environmental scientists favorable for growth in job prospects. The fastest growing job sector in the near future will be in the education, healthcare, and professional services. The healthcare services will concentrate on home health care and management or technical services of healthcare. The environmental professionals will provide consultancy for several industries through the knowledge of biology, physics and chemistry to provide solutions for the environmental problems, public health concerns, waste management, air and water pollution, and so on. The job of the environmental scientists is to address global environmental issues and to minimize the negative global impacts worldwide.

Job options for environmental scientists

There were about 47,000 jobs held by environmental engineers in 2002. About 15,000 of them worked for local, State, or Federal government agencies. More than half the environmental scientists worked in scientific, technical and professional services. A good number of environmental professionals are also needed in various manufacturing industries. A degree in environmental science gives you the essential skills that could avail you a job in the sector of environment or a range of other occupations.

Jobs directly related to environmental science:

environmental professionals network• Environmental consultant
• Environmental education officer
• Environmental manager
• Nature conservation officer
• Recycling officer
• Waste management officer
• Water quality scientist
• Environmental health practitioner
• Landscape architect
• Town planner
• Toxicologist
• Transport planner

The job opportunities for the environmental professionals are expected to increase more rapidly in the next decade. The increased demand for environmental scientists will be due to the surfacing of this occupation as a widely recognized field of specialized engineering. More environmental engineers will be needed to develop, enforce and comply with government regulations and also to clean the existing environmental hazards and concerns.

Expected earnings for environmental scientists

In 2000 the average median yearly earning for an environmental scientist was around $62,000. The high earning range was $91,000, and the low 10% made 38,000 a year. According to the 2003 survey, the average offer for an environmental engineer start at $45,000 yearly. This salary range may vary from location to location and also with date.


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