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Reusable Energy Sources -Environmental And Economic Issues

Reusable Energy Sources -Environmental And Economic Issues

The question of environmental management and conservation of energy has become one of the most talked about and relevant issues in today’s world. As we are becoming more and more aware that we consume resources and energy from the world as we live our lives. The energy resources that we use are not endless. As we live in this world consuming the resources from the earth, we are causing several imbalances in the nature. We are also leaving our footprints on this world which is having a negative effect on the environment and every environmentally conscious person would knows that we should keep our environment as safe as possible for us and for our future generations.

Finding reusable energy sources can be our first step towards conserving our environment. Using alternate sources for energy such as wind, sun and water, which are both clean and abundant in the nature, can reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere while saving the fossils fuels from beneath the earth. The fossils of the world took thousands of years to form, and as we burn them, they can cause serious damage to the environment by emitting the harmful gases. The increasing amount of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere can give rise to other related issues such as global warming, destruction of the ozone layer, sea level rise as well as cause harmful acid rain. As we know that having more acid forming agents in the air can cause acid rain, which can severely damage the environment by killing the plants and animals in the nature.



There are already companies trying to produce energy from reusable sources. The Sun, for example, is an abundant source of energy. Using solar panels to produce energy or replacing the power plants run by coal or gas with wind powered turbines can also prove to be a cost effective way as well as safe and clean source of energy. Many developing countries of the world have adapted to the reusable sources of energy to address their energy crisis issues.

Another advantage of using reusable energy sources is that a country can improve their economic conditions by finding solutions for the energy shortages, especially among the developing countries. When a country doesn’t have to rely on imported source of energy or fuels, it can become self dependent and save a great amount of money on fuel imports. Many of the countries which have abundant sunlight and wind can increase production and create new jobs.

The economic conditions of a nation can depend a great deal on the technology it uses. Once it develops the right technology, it can employ more people to make the energy producing projects come to life. The new environmentally safe power generating plants can prove to be very cost effective in the long run, considering the high oil prices, health hazards, and money spent on imports for fuels.

solar panel

Solar Panel

The fact that reusable energy sources are lot cleaner than any other forms of energy could make it one of the prime choices of the people even thought the surcharges for the development of these projects may be high initially.

If we all do our share in preserving the nature and working together as a team, we are sure to make this world a better place for us and for our future generations to come.

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Why EPN? Why Now?

Why EPN?  Why Now?

Why have we formed Environmental Professionals Network (EPN)?  Does the industry need another environmental company?  Obviously, we feel it does?  But why?

I am Dr. Wayne Dorband, and I feel unbelievably fortunate enough to be one of the Founders of EPN.  I have been an environmental professional for over 40 years.  Yes, you read that right – 40 years.  So what does an old guy know?  Well, I know what I have seen and experienced in those many years – CHANGE! after Change after Change!

I know that I saw an industry that barely existed when I  was a junior in college at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and I was one of a handful of thousands of Biology and Chemistry majors that were not pre-med.  My classmates all told me I was crazy to be thinking about going into the environmental industry – it would never last!

I know that I developed a curriculum for an environmental studies program at Augustana College as a young PhD professor and was laughed at by colleagues who said no-one would ever take those kinds of courses. Hundreds of universities and colleges around the world today have environmental studies majors.

I know that business people in South Dakota (OK it is not New York) laughed at me when I founded ATC Environmental in the late 1970’s,  and asked what kind of business did we plan to do?  Today ATC (now ATCCardno) has thousands of employees with offices around the world.

I vividly remember colleagues grimacing when I told them I was co-founding an environmental insurance company (the ERIC Group) in the late 1980’s.  You can’t write insurance for environmental risk – can you?  Yes, you can, and today it is a mainstream insurance industry.

And finally, in the mid-1990’s when I co-founded a company to intentionally buy environmentally contaminated properties (Cherokee Investment Security) my “professional” colleagues all thought I had completely gone crazy.  A group of us formed the National Brownfield Association in about 1996 and we joked that we would be lucky if 300 people ever joined this organization.  In the mid-2000’s over 7000 professionals attended the National Brownfields conference in Denver, CO.

Yes, there is an environmental industry, and there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of environmental professionals.  So now it is almost the mid-two-thousand-teens, and it is time for another dramatic Change – a dynamic cooperative membership group for environmental professionals.  So here I am a “young” sixty year old guy who is ready to listen to many more doubters, scowl at more laughs and jeers, but is determined to fight on for maybe one last time to build a truly game changing, paradigm shifting, industry influencing Environmental Professionals Network.  Please give us some contact information in the box next to this post, so we can start getting you some free information about EPN and you can be a part of this Environmental Revolution!

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