Top 3 Ways to Make Your Apartment Environmentally Friendly

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Top 3 Ways to Make Your Apartment Environmentally Friendly

It’s important to be eco-friendly now more than ever. As humans are realizing the detrimental impact that they have had on the environment over the years, many people are doing their best to fix these mistakes before it’s too late. A great way for people to help make a positive impact on the environment is to make small changes around their homes. People can do their part almost effortlessly in the comfort of their home to save the environment. From installing energy-efficient appliances to installing solar panels, homeowners can do their part in making the world a better place.

However, people that live in an apartment have fewer options when it comes to making their space eco-friendly. People that live in apartments often don’t know how to make their space eco-friendly as they do not own it. In fact, many people don’t even know how to learn about making their apartment eco-friendly; this post aims to educate apartment renters on how to make their space a more eco-friendly environment.

How Can I Make My Apartment More Eco-Friendly?

An expert from a company that sells solar panels in Cherry Hill pointed out that apartments can be made to be eco-friendly just as easy as homes; they just may require a bit more effort and research. If you are an apartment owner that is looking to make your space more beneficial for the environment, here are some great ways to get started. 

1. Install LED Lights

This is perhaps the easiest way to make an apartment more eco-friendly. LED lights can be attached to almost any lighting fixture and can instantly illuminate a room with bright light; all while saving the environment. LED light bulbs, though slightly more expensive than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, are an investment worth making as they last up to 80% longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and use only about ⅓ of the energy.

LED light bulbs also convert 95% of the energy that they use into light, wasting only 5% as heat. LED bulbs are great when it comes to smart lighting because they don’t use a lot of electricity, and due to their prolonged lifespan, they do not need to be replaced often, therefore, creating less waste. 

2. Start a Compost Pile

Many people don’t think that they can create a compost pile if they live in an apartment; this is not true at all. If you have a balcony, patio, or any kind of space outside, you can start your own small compost pile out there. Compost piles are outdoor piles of human food and other organic matter that is turned into rich soil. Starting a compost pile is easy, one simply saves natural food scraps, like fruits and vegetables, in a container and overtime and then uses it as soil to plant things in.

Compost piles are eco-friendly because they recycle waste into useful fertilizer, rather than simply piling up in a landfill and taking up space. Similarly, compost piles are great alternatives to other kinds of fertilizer that damage the environment. It’s important to note that compost piles should contain organic and natural foods; avoid adding processed foods and foods that contain refined sugar, these foods will not make your compost pile sustainable.

3. Make it a Point to Recycle 

This is a seemingly obvious way to make your apartment eco-friendly, however, many apartment complexes don’t offer to recycle so people simply just don’t recycle while at home. If your apartment doesn’t offer to recycle, don’t throw recyclables in the garbage, simply create your own recycle bin or bag and then drive it to a facility that takes recyclables. 

Apartment complexes often don’t offer recycling because of the community dumpster and many people may not follow the rules of what goes in what dumpster. This sad reality does not mean that you shouldn’t still make an effort to recycle your waste; if you don’t, your waste will build up in a landfill and have an ill impact on the environment. 

Small Efforts Will Have Large Impacts

 Small efforts to make your apartment eco-friendly will have an outstanding impact on the environment as a whole. Making an apartment eco-friendly doesn’t have to be hard; if one puts in the right amount of time to research and look into how to do this, one’s apartment will be eco-friendly in no time.

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