Top 7 Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving

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Top 7 Tips for a Greener Thanksgiving

The holidays are here again. The holidays from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, and even Valentine’s Day are filled with magical moments when our hearts open up and we celebrate our lives, relationships and family. This also gives us a great opportunity to focus on our lifestyle and see what we can do to make our lives more eco-friendly, sustainable and greener.

Thanksgiving is full of happiness, joy and family time. This is an old American tradition, so we could make it our tradition to become eco-friendly. During the celebrations, we need to keep in mind that we need to capture the spirit of the holidays and not to pollute and impact the environment, and try to help improve the environment that we are living in. Between shopping, buying gifts and visiting your friends and family for the holidays, you can choose to do things in a way that improves our planet. Here are 7 tips for a greener Thanksgiving.

Tip#1: Start your thanksgiving with the old 3 Rs

recycling-bin-307682_1280The three Rs of conservation could become the new tradition for thanksgiving and Christmas, which are reduce, reuse, and recycle. During the holidays we could reduce trash, repair and reuse our old stuff, and clean out our house and recycle our household trash and benefit from it.

Think about planning for your holiday shopping. Online shopping could be one of the best green options of today. Buy only items that you’ll need and avoid buying unnecessary objects that might clutter your house for no reason. Think local and think natural. Also avoid buying excessive food that might get thrown away, avoid excessive packaging and try to use recycled paper as much as possible when gift wrapping.

Tip # 2: Buy and eat local

Planning a party for the holidays? Try to buy as local as possible. Buying locally grown food will help reduce the energy waste associated with transporting, storing and packaging of food before it comes to our table. Buying local also helps local farmers and the local economy.

Tip #3: Cook your own homemade dinner

celebration-315079_1280Thanksgiving is about family and tradition. Prepare your own turkey dinner, sweet potatoes and stuffing, or anything that you desire. It’s easy to find   and recipes online which will help you to cook your own dinner. Cooking your own food has many advantages. You will save money, energy and time and also have an opportunity to celebrate your holidays at home with your friends and family instead of eating out.

Tip # 4: Start your own home garden

Having an indoor garden is one of the greenest things you can do this Thanksgiving. Trees and green plants absorb carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases form the atmosphere and filter them out. It makes our environment cleaner and supplies us with fresh breathable air full of oxygen. Planting trees and starting your own home indoor garden is very easy, anyone can start just with a few flower pots or containers.

Tip # 5: Plan for your holidays ahead of time

volkswagen-541407_1280Planning for the holidays has its own excitement. When you plan for your holiday, you and your family have something to look forward to. Just like any other enterprise, running a family successfully also requires planning. You will be able to save a on your food and gas. If you plan your shopping and parties ahead, you will also reduce wastage and maximize the use of resources.

If you plan on traveling, plan your travel well ahead of time. Secure your home and check your automobile before you plan your trip and make sure that it’s ready for the trip.

Tip # 6: Decorate with eco-friendly materials

Saving the environment and reducing our ecological footprints requires a simple shift toward sustainable goods and services. With a little imagination, you could become really creative with your holiday decorations. Design your decorations with common household ingredients found in your kitchen. Use colored wrapping paper that you already got from previous gifts.

Tip # 7: Get into the holiday spirit

background-314438_1280The Thanksgiving holiday was established to provide a national day for all Americans to give thanks. It’s a good time to count your blessings. It’s good to take this opportunity and be grateful for all the things that Mother Nature has blessed us with, even if you don’t follow any particular religion.

Thanksgiving is an American tradition and gives us an excellent opportunity to get involved with our friends, family and neighbors to celebrate and be grateful for all the good things that nature has blessed us with. It also gives us a chance to return the favor to Mother Nature and shift our lives towards sustainability and a greener planet.

This is the time of year when you can get together with the people that matter most in your life and say thanks to them in a festive mood as you celebrate the most wonderful moments and achievements in your life.

P.S: -Do you have an idea for the Thanksgiving Day to make the planet greener? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave your comment below in the comment box and share them with us.

Source: Environmental Professionals Network

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