Top Trendy Gifts for the Holiday’s and New Year

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Top Trendy Gifts for the Holiday’s and New Year

A study shows that almost 2 third of the web searches around the world are done by using Google, so it is no surprise that Google already knows what gift items are most sought after by people around the world. We used search data available on Google’s search tools and Google Trends to find out which search terms are most commonly used across the United States to find a gift online. The date shows what most people around the world are searching for as a gift time of year. Google’s record shows trillions of search queries around the world in relation to buying gifts. A list of top trending gifts as clocked by Google in the year of 2014 is given below.

Top 5 most sought after Christmas gift list

Holiday gifts are meant to be a surprise until they are opened on the Christmas Day. However, Google already has figured out which Christmas gifts are among the most popular among consumers of the United States. Research on Google reveal that we tend to buy brand name items and we also tend to be loyal to American brands here in the United States. Below is a list of top five trendy gifts as seen by Google.

1. Clothing

box-15718_1280During this winter, people are searching for sportswear, winter jackets, and sweaters as gift items. Winter is the perfect season for buying coats and fur vests which popular among the loyal football fans for universities, colleges and professional teams. In Los Angeles, the popularity of both high-low cultures like Michael Kors and jogger pants is quite normal this time of year.

2. Accessories

When buying gifts for women, you cannot go wrong with gifts of jewellery. There are several other choices of accessories becoming popular across the United States, such as gold, silver, and imitations. Earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets and charms work wonders for women. Handbags, and name brand watches are also among the most popular gift list across the country.

3. Shoes

shoe-540691_1280When it comes to shoes, Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are among the top searches from coast to coast. Brand names from popular NBA basketball players were among the most popular searches around the United States this month. For women, a variety of dress shoes and names like Cole Haan and Michael Antonio were among the top searches.


This year, electronic devices and gadgets from Apple were at the top of the list. As our culture and taste has changed, smart phones and wireless technology is among the most popular gadgets in the market. The iPhone 6 is at the top of the list by search volume.

Toys and games

iphone-410324_1280The most popular search for toys has been the classic Lego’s this month, although it could have been because of the popularity of “The Lego Movie.” Merchandise from popular Disney movies are always a big hit with kids.

Christmas and the start of the New Year is all about giving and sharing. So make sure you invite as many people as possible for a holiday dinner, and think eco-friendly when purchasing gifts. No matter what you buy, try to by something useful for the recipients. Reduce environmental impacts by buying only what you need, driving less and buying green products from a merchant near you.

Wish you all a very merry Green Christmas!

Please add your ideas of a creative gift for Christmas this year in the comment box below. Click here to book a meeting with us.

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