Why Improving The Quality Of Our Cities Is An Environmental Issue

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Why Improving The Quality Of Our Cities Is An Environmental Issue

It might appear that there is no real connection between urban life and the environmental awareness. However, if you look closely, you will find that every bit of improvement in the cities, issues like reducing crime, increasing the number of affordable housing, increasing jobs and businesses, finding alternate source of energy for motor vehicles and residences, and controlling traffic congestion, all have impact on the environment and global sustainability.


Environmental issues and sustainability do not always have to be related to issues like reducing energy consumption, or pollution. Although these are the most common environmental issues, improving the quality of our urban lives has also a profound effect on the environment and sustainability. The reason is, if we do not have a suitable place to work, play or enjoy our lives, we are not going to feel motivated to improve our planet.

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To work towards building our cities beautiful, we need to make our cities safe, grow less dependency on fossils and automobiles that burn more fuel, use less energy, and use products that are environmentally friendly. People from all walks of life can contribute towards building our cities beautifully. For example, if we think about using less energy and protect nature by checking the emission from our vehicles regularly, it would be a great step towards building a sustainable environment. It also includes the way we dispose our waste, and how we add toxic and disturb our surroundings with adding chemicals and synthetic products.


The environmental protection issues have become one of the global issues today. Anything that we do in one part of the world today affects us all globally. The world does not confine us with political boundaries and there is no way to have a sustainable society without addressing the issues related to pollution in the cities, industries, energy consumption and preservation of the environment because it affects us all. Not only does it affect the city life, but also in the fields of agriculture, and preservation of natural resources.


Another major concern of the families that live in the cities is the pesticides used on gardens and grass. It is important that we minimize the exposure to these harmful chemicals, especially if we go to the parks and playgrounds with our children. There are signs beurban parking used in many places today, where the pesticides are sprayed in public places. It is not easy to keep the children away from the contaminated soil of the playground and parks. Ingesting these chemicals can become a major health issue with children. The other big concern with children today is the air pollution due to smog and other pollutants in the air.


In addition to increasing our awareness towards saving the environment, using environmentally friendly products can also contribute to significantly improve the quality of the cities.


There are many groups and environmental professionals networks being formed today to help Mother Nature recover, not only locally, but also globally, because there are no political boundaries when it comes to caring for our environment. We can all join forces and work towards making this world a better place for all of us.

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